Reduction of traffic on the country’s roads / Explanation of the deadline for non-native license plates to leave the red and orange cities

Rahoor Naja Police Chief announced a 30% reduction in traffic on the country’s roads compared to the same period in the days before the Corona outbreak.

In an interview with ISNA, Sardar Seyed Kamal Hadianfar Congratulating the arrival of the year 1400, he said: ‌ This year, due to the conditions of the corona outbreak, the National Corona Headquarters and the Ministry of Health stressed the need to avoid unnecessary travel, and according to statistics, until yesterday, people paid much attention to these emphases. And statistics show that traffic has dropped by 30 percent compared to the same period before the corona outbreak.

He said that it is necessary for people to continue to pay attention to the instructions and avoid unnecessary trips, adding: “Slow conditions prevail on the roads and even in some passages and roads where we have witnessed heavy and heavy traffic in the past, the traffic is smooth Is.

Rahoor Naja Police Chief stressed the need to avoid traveling and said: “If citizens are forced to travel for necessary reasons, they should pay attention to driving at a permitted and safe speed.” Avoid overtaking and drivers must drive with sufficient attention to the opposite direction and have enough sleep and rest before moving and do not sit behind the wheel in any condition of fatigue and drowsiness. Because these four factors are the most important causes of traffic accidents and by preventing it, a significant percentage of accidents can be reduced.

Hadianfar continued: ‌ Accidents have increased slightly due to the loneliness of city roads, and in this regard, it is necessary for citizens, especially drivers, to pay sufficient attention to the regulations.

Seat belts are required for all occupants on the road

Emphasizing that all occupants of cars, including private cars, public cars, buses, etc., should fasten their seat belts, he said: ‌ All occupants of a vehicle should fasten their seat belts on the road and the police should see any violations in This field will deal with it. This measure is emphasized in order to save the lives of the occupants, because wearing a seat belt reduces the possibility of injury in accidents.

Rahoor Naja Police Chief also mentioned the role of using mobile phones in accidents and said: ‌ One of the most important reasons for not paying attention to the front is using mobile phones while driving. Checking a text message or getting a number causes the car to move as much as 200 meters without the driver’s attention, and this can lead to accidents as well as accidents such as overturning, the car goes off the road, and so on.

Hadianfar also pointed to the role of social participation in reducing accidents and said: “Reducing accidents is possible with the participation of the people, and therefore we are trying to strengthen this important issue by using the capacity of educators and traffic assistants.”

Regarding the announcement of new restrictions in some cities, he said: ‌ According to the latest regulations of the National Corona Headquarters, the situation of 12 cities is red and 39 cities are orange, which unfortunately has increased the number of these cities. Cities with red or orange status are prohibited and native license plates are not allowed. The amount of the fine is one million tomans in the red cities and half a million tomans in the orange cities.

Rahoor Naja Police Chief said that the fines are recorded every few hours: “These fines are for each day and every day when the traffic is recorded by cameras or agents, the fine for illegal traffic will be recorded.”

Hadianfar also commented on the situation of leaving cities that have recently turned red or orange: “Since the announcement of the new situation, cars with local license plates are not allowed to leave the city.” But cars with non-native license plates have 72 hours to leave the city, otherwise they will be fined.

He also said about the ban on night traffic: ‌ This ban is for all cities of the country and from 9 pm to 3 am, traffic on city roads is prohibited and will be subject to a fine of 200,000 Tomans.

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