Reform of the 1400 budget structure / dependence on oil should be reduced

In an interview with IBNA, Hamidreza Hajibabaei, emphasizing that the reform of the 140 budget structure is definite, said: “The purpose of reforming the budget structure is to make it more efficient.” The representative of the people of Hamedan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stating that the government budget bill needs a lot of consideration, added: “No decision has been made yet on approving or rejecting this bill, but it will definitely be approved or rejected after sufficient scrutiny.”

Referring to the ways of financing the government’s budget deficit, he clarified: “Depending on the situation in the country, one of the methods can be effective.” The representative of the people in the 11th parliament, emphasizing that the review of the 140 budget bill will be done in a completely expert and far from political view, said: considering that the resources allocated for revenues in the budget are limited, there will definitely be many amendments. Had.

He continued: “All our efforts are to create a balance between revenue and expenditure in the budget bill with the aim of preventing a deficit so that we have an efficient budget for next year.” Haji Babaei, stating that dependence on oil is one of the problems that should be addressed in reviewing the budget bill, said: dependence on oil or its pre-sale will not be a good way to compensate for the budget deficit.

The head of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly reminded: the government also agrees with the reform of the budget structure, so with efficiency, a more efficient budget can definitely be turned into law.