Reforming economic, social and service structures in an intelligent context

Creating regional opportunities by taking advantage of extraterritorial facilities
“Intelligent, transparent, resilient” economic development model, a model based on pathologies and identifying “corruption triangle, instability in decision-making and decision-making, lack of intelligent and comprehensive monitoring systems resulting from national interests and needs” Is. Accordingly, strengthening and reforming economic, social and service structures in an intelligent context is considered. Also, empowering the unity of society in order to achieve Islamic social justice is important. And added corruption.

In addition, the mentioned model has the creation of attractive regional opportunities by taking advantage of extraterritorial facilities in the region and its participation at the top of its plans, while establishing stability in decision-making and decision-making resulting from the identification of national interests and needs. There are other points to consider.

Termite corruption Failure to implement development plans
Termite corruption is the failure of development programs, the resulting corruption, lack of transparency and lack of access to information for all members of society, but this termite when accompanied by instability in decision-making, decision-making, particle eating is no more. And it does not eat termites, but shakes the pillars and frameworks of countries’ development programs and becomes a national threat.

The main threat posed by our lack of intelligence in regulations, bylaws and laws is also non-transparent, cumbersome, in addition to being bureaucratic on the one hand, which leads to rent-seeking and corruption, and on the other hand due to lack of Learning our systematic intelligence is in the pandemic of information technology services.

We are talking about a resistance economy
In view of the above, I would like to present the positive actions taken by the highest supervisory member by presenting statistics. These examples and statistics show that we are facing a structural weakness in the occurrence of corruption for which no smart solution has been found for many years.

Do not doubt that information rent, lack of supervision, lack of seriousness, belief in resistance economics and, most importantly, entrusting key matters to people who do not have the experience and expertise of the day, play an important role in the formation of these corrupters. The accountability of such individuals to the people involved in their appointment and management is also involved.

Corruption that both undermines the implementation of development projects and undermines public confidence in the government and its implementers. All of us have spoken only slogans of resistance economy during these years, which have been emphasized by the Supreme Leader and have been cleverly and thoughtfully proposed by him, but we have never provided a correct model for its realization, although several programs have been presented in this field. But perhaps their greatest weakness has been the lack of firm belief of the designers and executors of these projects in the substance of the matter.

The importance of strengthening and modifying structures in the smart bed
In addition, I believe that strengthening the economy is an important prerequisite; Strengthening and reforming economic, social and service structures is in an intelligent context, and this will never be possible without the intelligent empowerment of all sections of society, even the elite. I believe that this empowerment itself is the basis for the realization of Islamic social justice.

On the other hand, it should be said; In recent years, the country has suffered a lot from instability in decision-making and decision-making, in a word, excessive weakness in management, while without creating this stability, a development model will never be successful, and creating this managerial stability is ahead of itself. It is assumed that it is entrusted to the skilled.

What should happen in all matters, praise be to God, today, thanks to the establishment of the holy Islamic system, the country enjoys a collection of worthy and sincere believers and elites who, in many cases, may not have been used at all, or have been helped properly. Has not been. Stability in decision-making requires nobility, in other words, expert nobility in affairs, the needs of society and full knowledge of the national interests and the system will be at the top of this.

Special look at regional opportunities
In the following, I will point out the need to create attractive regional opportunities by taking advantage of extraterrestrial facilities in the region and sharing it. That in my proposed model I have a special look at regional opportunities and I believe that no development model is unaffected by regional events and developments and there will be no model that does not affect the region.

Therefore, in this proposed model, I consider the sharing and regional use of extraterrestrial facilities as the main axes of development, and I believe that doing so will lead to constructive communication, socio-political stability, greater security and sustainable regional development. In addition, it will hand over the region to regional actors and residents so that trans-regional actors can once again speak of their economic model. Therefore it must be said; Achieving “smart, transparent, resilient” economic development depends on a 100% return to the constitution.

The third chapter of the country’s constitution is devoted to the issue of the rights of the nation. will not be.

Therefore, according to this principle, racism and ethnic and tribal supremacy in any form and manner is rejected and invalid, and no one should claim superiority over others in the face of the law under the pretext of such differences.

In order to achieve its goals, according to another principle of this law, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is obliged to eliminate undue discrimination and create fair facilities for all in all material and spiritual fields.

Immoral or dishonest behavioral corruption
In addition, we know by definition that corruption is a form of immoral or dishonest behavior committed by a person in power for personal gain. That is, a person holding a position betrays his position in a position that serves the people and betrays professional ethics. A betrayal whose effects affect a nation.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau said; “The law is the expression of the public will.” In my opinion; The law is the result of the public will of the members of the society that has passed it. Yes, the law is the chapter of speech; Because the law comes from the will of the nation and the essence of the desires of a nation lies in it
Note; The fundamental question is whether in recent years law enforcement and its overseers in the face of corruption have paid attention to this progressive principle of our constitution? I repeat that the wounded country is corruption, mismanagement and lack of transparency.

The need to create attractive national opportunities
The conclusion is that according to this model, we must create conditions for innovation in social structures and diversity, greater empowerment of the people and attractive national and regional opportunities, in addition to more competitive business opportunities. In the country, we must promote a society, or we want to create a society that is smarter and has innovations to increase productivity and solve various problems.

Increase productivity in the smart platform
Therefore, intelligence, increasing productivity in the smart environment and solving problems based on innovative solutions should be the focus. If this is the case, we should give opportunities to the intelligentsia and the elite of society, not in the think tank but in the decision rooms The social nature of these cases must be taken into account.
Based on this, I offer suggestions in various fields, which include innovative reforms in the financial system and the smart city project (to the transportation structure), as well as the smart health care network.