Reformist conditions for the 1400 elections

He continued: “It is important that this institution is not much different from the Supreme Council for Reform Policy-Making, it has the same general composition and the parties play the same role in it, and decisions are made in consultation with Seyyed Mohammad Khatami;” Of course, the High Council is still in power, and the Coordinating Council continues to play a role, so it is not possible to comment on this with certainty.

Regarding the meeting of the head of the reform government with Ali Larijani on the subject of the presidential election, Sufi said: “We saw that this news was denied by the office of the head of the reform government; This was almost unbelievable from the beginning.

Reformist political activist in response to the question that we will no longer see a process like the 1996 elections? He said: “Certainly so, of course I can not predict the future, but since the election of 1998 it has been raised that the process of unconditional participation in the election is no longer the principle, but participation in the election is conditional on the presence of a reformist candidate.”