Reformist organizational changes for the 1400 elections

Reformist organizational changes for the 1400 elections

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting ISNA, Javad Imam said about the creation of a new reformist organization: This organization may look like the High Policy Council, but at the time when the Supreme Council was functioning, there was a Coordination Council of the Reform Front, but the parties The reformists decided to replace the Coordination Council and the Supreme Council with new ones, and after the formation of the new front, we will no longer have a Coordination Council or a Supreme Policy Council. In fact, with the creation of a new front, the previous two organizations will be destroyed.

He added: “The reformists came to the conclusion that we should have a new front to create a consensus among ourselves, which is a combination of the parties that are members of the Coordination Council of the Reform Front and real reformists who have political and social influence and are not supposed to be real parties.” The reformists’ approach is to use all the capacities of this current, and individuals and parties complement each other, and one is not supposed to be superior to the other.

The reformist political activist commented on the duration of the new reformist front: “At the moment, it has only been decided to form this front, and it will be decided later whether it will continue its activities.” This front follows both the issues of the reformists and the parties and the issue of the upcoming elections.

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