Refrigerators and freezers are more expensive than cars

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Hamshahri, the import ban, the sharp rise in prices and the demand for refrigerators and freezers of famous foreign brands have led to astronomical prices for these products, which in some cases even exceed the price of a Pride and a zero-kilometer Tiba.

If you want to replace or buy new refrigerators and freezers of famous brands to provide dowry or home use, know that these days to buy products of some Korean or European brands, you have to spend from 60 to more than 120 million tomans depending on the type, function and brand of these refrigerators and freezers. . Prices that are equal to the daily rate of some types of zero-kilometer domestic cars in the market and in some cases are higher than the price of these cars. In yesterday’s car market, each Pride zero-kilometer 111 car was offered at a price of 121 million, Pride 131 at a price of 102 million, Pride 132 at a price of 105 million, Tiba ordinary sedan with 111 million and Tiba ordinary hatchback at a price of 121 million Tomans. This while taking a look at the prices of the variety Refrigerator freezer Side by side foreign and even domestic brands with relatively good quality show that customers should buy these products, according to the type of request in some cases even a little more than the price of some new and second-hand Pride and Tibia in Home Appliance Market To spend; Because the price of 60 to more than 125 million Tomans of some types of refrigerators and freezers of famous Korean and European brands in the sales advertisement posted in cyberspace is even higher than the daily purchase price of some types of Pride and Tiba zero kilometers in the margins of the market.

A review of the price of Iranian side-by-side refrigerators in the home appliance market also shows that these days customers have to spend at least 25 to more than 50 million tomans to buy medium quality Iranian refrigerators and freezers, but these prices are for foreign brands, especially rare Korean products. European is from at least about 60 to more than 120 million tomans. Although Iranian refrigerators and freezers can be found in the market with a price of less than 30 million Tomans, but one should not expect good quality, facilities, durability and after-sales service from this type of refrigerators and freezers. Applicants for foreign products who have not yet been able to change their tastes to buy Iranian refrigerators and freezers should also spend more on products from Korean and Samsung brands or European products such as Bosch than Pride and Tiba Zero or some used Peugeot products.

Refrigerators and freezers 120 million Tomans

Field study of the sale price of some types of foreign refrigerators and freezers in cyberspace sales ads shows that the price of some types of Bosch and LG products is 120 million Tomans and Samsung products are in the range of 70 to 90 million Tomans, so that these days customers have to buy a double-sided refrigerator-freezer. The work of Bosch model BOSCH KIR81AF30- GIN81AE30 should cost 120 million, Silver LG InstaView SXI555NS model about 110 million, LG Steel model MDN73NS from 110 to 120 million and white LG model InstaView SXI555NW about 95 million Tomans. Also, LG SXI535NS side-by-side refrigerator-freezer is priced at 73 million and 200 thousand, Bosch KSV36VI304 – GSN36VI304 twin refrigerator-freezer is priced at 64 million and 800 thousand and BOSCH KSW36VI304– GSN36VI314 model is priced at 64 million, Samun and F Samsung white shell model FSR14W priced at 89 million and 300 thousand, Samsung 34 foot FSR12w priced at 80 million, LG LG InstaView series SXI535W series priced at 75 to 80 million, Beko model GNE134751 priced at 69 million, Samsung G26S model priced at 64 million, White LG SXB5 priced at 80 million , LG Model SXP450WB priced at 63 to 75 million, LG Model SXI535W priced at 74 million 600 to 79 million 400 thousand, Samsung Model FSR12 priced at 85 million and 100 thousand, Samsung ROSSO2 model priced at 85 million and 300 thousand, White House WEM28VGHEWW model priced at 69 to 84 million Model RR20W-RZ20W is offered to customers at a price of 62 million and 950 thousand Tomans and Samsung RS25 refrigerator-freezer at a price of 64 million and 200 thousand Tomans.

Internal freezer courses for expensive

Examining the prices of domestically produced refrigerators and freezers in cyberspace sales advertisements also shows that in the domestic refrigerators and freezers market, the prices of some brands’ products have exceeded 50 million Tomans. Although in this market you can find anonymous products with a price of 15 to about 30 million Tomans, but it is difficult for customers who have been full buyers of Korean and European models until recently, and these days due to the high cost of refrigerators and freezers have to change their taste to buy Iranian products. Buying such refrigerators and freezers is not a priority and inevitably they have to go to more expensive Iranian products such as Daewoo, SNOWA, etc. with a price of more than 50 million Tomans.

In the market of these products, SNOWA side-by-side refrigerator model S8-2261S model at the price of 30 million and 400 thousand, Side by side Daewoo model D2S-3033S at the price of 41 million and 20 thousand, Daewoo model D2S-3133SS at the price of 36 million and 450 thousand, SNOWA model SN8- 3320SS for 44 million and 830 thousand, Daewoo model D4S-0036SS for 56 million and 780 thousand Daewoo model D2S-0034SS for 50 million and 490 thousand Tomans. Also, West Point refrigerator-freezer model WSQ 5916ERWDSK is sold for 53 million Tomans and West Point twin-freezer model WVMC-2619.ERK-WNMC-3619ERWDK is sold for 49 million Tomans.

The free supply of foreign refrigerators in cyberspace and through smuggling, while the vice-president of the Home Appliance Traders Union said that Korean refrigerators and freezers in the market do not have a warranty and after-sales service, said a small percentage of people buy these Korean refrigerators with They buy miscellaneous warranties. Also, as we get closer to the end of the year, the production of home appliances will increase. Given the currency fluctuations, people expect commodity prices to fall, while this will not happen. Mohammad Hossein Eslamian, added: Manufacturers produce 3 models of Iranian side-by-side that this refrigerator meets the needs of the market in different models. In addition to Iranian side-by-sides, there are some other refrigerators that are supplied through the smuggling network, some prefer to buy Korean refrigerators. “Some people still buy Korean brands of refrigerators and freezers from the smuggling network, knowing that foreign products do not have after-sales service and warranty, but if there is a Korean side-by-side market, no guarantee,” he advised. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people buy these Korean refrigerators with miscellaneous warranties, but in the market, all Korean brand products are sourced from the smuggling network.

The promise of cheap home appliances

The price of some types of foreign refrigerators exceeds the price of Pride and Tiba, while the officials of the Ministry of Industry and Manufacturers promise to reduce the prices, citing the supply of sheets required by the producers of these products. The Director General of the Office of Electrical, Metal and Home Appliances Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, stating that with the exclusive supply of steel sheets to home appliance manufacturers in the country, the price of home appliances in the market will decrease, said: Home in the country until the end of this year, we are taking fundamental steps.

Keyvan Gardan added: “Exclusive supply of steel sheets to home appliance manufacturers in the country started last week, and in this regard, we closed all routes leading to the sale of steel sheets on the black market.” Hamid Reza Ghaznavi, spokesman for the Iranian Home Appliance Manufacturers Association, said that the method of selling steel to home appliance manufacturers on the stock exchange needs regulations and we expect the distribution of cheap steel in the right way to reduce the price of home appliances in the market.