Register and publish your specialty for free

Kavosh Expertise Website is an advertisement registration website that only specialized jobs are registered on this website, which means that goods are not bought and sold on this website. We have tried to support all jobs in this website. Kavosh Specialty website has a symbol, Inmad from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, which you can click on the logo of Inmad at the bottom of the website to find out its accuracy..

All cities in Iran are supported on this website, and if you are the owner of a specialty with which you earn money, you can register your ad for free on the Kavosh Specialty website..

Earn money by exploring specialties

Tried to explore the expertise website Advertisement registration Free Easily done for the user and the user can easily display their expertise. Each advertiser has a dedicated panel with which he can display all the ads he has registered. At present, the ads registered on the Kavosh-e-Expertise website do not have a specified expiration date and will be posted on the website for up to 6 months. Using disposable codes in this website, the user can receive a code to enter his panel by registering a mobile number each time..

Special ads in exploring expertise

Special advertisements in specialty exploration are such that after registering the advertisement, you enter a page where your advertisement is displayed in a special way by paying a certain fee. Special ads are displayed separately in the slideshow of the main page of the website and the city, and its duration is longer than free ads. Jobs that register their ads in a special way can simultaneously register their business in the social network of Kavosh-e-Expertise using graphic images..

Special Services Exploration Specialty

In addition to registering advertisements, professional services for advertising are provided on this website, which includes the following:

Advertising photography:

If you do not have professional and quality images in your specialized business, you can contact the support of Kavosh Expertise to provide services in the form of package and simultaneous photography, to do on-site photography and to register your ad in a special way..

Advertising reporting:

If necessary, in addition to posting ads on the website, you can display your services in the form of video and audio in the blog section of Kavosh-e-Expertise, and at the same time publish it on news and entertainment websites. News reporting tariff is estimated according to the sites provided and selected by you.

Advertising content writing

Advertising content is done in the blog section of Kavosh Expertise site. If you do not have content expertise, you can contact us to produce and publish high quality and attractive content for you..

Banner ads

Advertisers on Kavosh Expertise website can use banner ads on the main pages of the website to advertise the internal pages of their business and share it on all Kavosh Expertise pages.

-Podcast recording

If you want to show your expertise to users audibly, you can use the podcast recording service to explore the expertise in this field.

-Digital marketing consulting

You may not have started any activity for your business in cyberspace, you can use digital marketing consulting services to grow your business and implement it according to your desired budget.

The last word

In Kavosh-e-Expertise website, we have tried to provide an environment for all businesses so that you can display your business at a suitable cost and time, and the purpose of providing special services is to meet all the needs of engineers. physicians، lawyers, Accountants, etc. in this field.

Expertise exploration support:

If you have any questions about the services, you can contact the support section of Kavosh Expertise website.

Exploration support is at the service of dear users from 9 am to 5 pm by phone and from 5 pm to 11 pm online..