Registration of the first bidding transaction in the commodity exchange

The first tender transaction in Iran Commodity Exchange by Farabi Brokerage The second of March of this year was done by one of the regional electricity distribution companies.


Commodity transactions, which until now could only be done by auction, will also be possible in the form of tenders after the approval of the tender trading instructions in the High Council of the Exchange.

In a bidding transaction, the buyer announces the desired conditions and announces the request for the desired product so that the sellers who are licensed to offer this product in the commodity exchange can compete with each other and this time in order to reduce prices. To offer.

But auction transactions are a way in which the seller offers the desired product so that in the end the transaction is done with the highest price offered by the buyers. In this method, it determines the terms of the seller’s transaction and competition between buyers.

Registration of the first tender of the Commodity Exchange

In the first tender transaction Commodity Exchange Tavanir-affiliated power distribution companies took the lead. During this operation, a request to purchase 3,000 electricity meters was registered by one of the regional power distribution companies, and with the presence of two distribution companies on the seller side, the first bidding transaction of the Iran Commodity Exchange was carried out by the Farabi brokerage commodity unit.

The most important advantage of bidding is the transparency that, unlike traditional bids where bids are presented in an envelope, all bids can be clearly seen on the board.

Also in the auction method, the number of exclusive suppliers is usually faced with countless buyers. In a situation where in our economy some goods have multiple suppliers and their buyers are limited. As a result, bidding on these goods can be a better way than auctioning. It should be noted that companies that offer goods on the commodity exchange will be subject to a 10% income exemption.

Farabi, a broker ranked A in the Commodity Exchange

It is worth mentioning that Farabi Brokerage is one of the top brokers active in the Iranian Commodity Exchange by providing various services. Based on the rating of brokers by the Exchange and Securities Organization, this brokerage always has the first ranks among the brokers of “A” rank. Commitment to fulfilling orders, providing the best consulting services to customers, as well as speed and accuracy in executing orders are among the basic principles of Farabi brokerage in dealing with customers.