Relative calm of the index with the real participation of steel in the middle of the channel of 1.4 million units / Return of the stock exchange elders to the path of indexation

According to Baaqtesad, trading ended today, Saturday, December 20, with the recording of another record by real shareholders, and the net real money entering the stock exchange amounted to nearly 1,500 billion tomans, which is the highest amount of real money inflows since the first week of November. Is. Of this total, 134 billion tomans was recorded as the arrival of real money for the purchase of Mobarakeh Steel shares.

Climb 16 thousand index points in the first minutes of trading

In the pre-opening stage of today’s stock exchange, the symbols of Bouali, Fros and Famli and Vakbehman, Koghar, Kowsar and Hormoz were more in demand than the OTC, and the time of the market increased with the increase in demand in the big symbols of Famli, Foolad and Kegel. First, the total index climb 16 thousand units.

Steel and the family that were the main indicators of the market today, the value of their purchase queue in total more than 113 billion tomans was associated with an increase in demand.

Changing the trend of Shasta transactions on the first day of the week

Shasta, after consecutive negative days, was accompanied by positive fluctuations today and moved more than 35 million shares in the daily price ceiling of 2463 Tomans. The trading volume of this symbol increased to more than 130 million shares.

Minerals are among the top three stock market groups

In the group of mineral symbols, Kegel witnessed the transfer of 25 million shares at the price of 1837 Tomans and with a positive 2%, its trading volume reached 19 million shares to be one of the top three indexing symbols today.

Refining is still below the intrinsic value price!

From the group of refining products, the refining symbol continued to have a negative trend and could not reach the overall price of underwriting and with 9439 Tomans, it was still traded below the intrinsic value price.

Automakers were also positive

The automotive industry also had positive and negative trades. Khodro traded 461 million shares at a price of 369 Tomans with a positive percentage, and Khasapa’s share in moving shares was more than 415 million shares at a price of 268 Tomans.

From the same group, Khogstar, however, faced a drop of more than 3% and transferred 516 million shares at a price of 451 Tomans. The trading volume in Khapars also reached 40 million shares in the zero range with negative and positive fluctuations.

Leading steel market and group of metals

But in the group of metals, steel in the daily price ceiling of 1462 Tomans, moved more than 190 million shares and the value of its queue reached more than 30 billion Tomans.

Positive and negative transactions of banks

Among the benchmarks, the banking group had positive trades. Vapars recorded a trading volume of 480 million shares in the zero range and with negative and positive fluctuations, with an average price of 430 Tomans.

WebMelt also transferred 133 million shares with a positive 3% at the price of 510 Tomans, and the volume of transactions and trades with more than 400 million shares, at the price of 356 Tomans and increased by 2%. In the daily price ceiling of 4711.7 Tomans, Dey transferred more than 50 million shares and came close to the buying queue.

Final view of Tehran Stock Exchange transactions, on Wednesday, December 17, 1999

Overall, today’s stock market trading, chemical products, base metals and metal ores accounted for the most buying orders and the highest daily trading volume. Famli, Foolad, Fars, Shasta, Kegel and Kachad were the index symbols of today and played the main role in the ascent of more than 31 thousand index units.

The total value of transactions in today’s market compared to previous weeks decreased slightly and reached more than 15 thousand billion tomans. Automotive groups, petroleum products and basic metals were among the top industries today with a value of 1375, 1140 and 975 billion tomans, respectively.

The net change of ownership was 1195 billion tomans from legal to real and the value of small stock exchange transactions reached 11 thousand and 140 billion tomans.

Stock market cash market:

Total stock index: 1,444,887.88 (31527.82 increase)

Total homogeneity index: 445.235.33 (8840.49 increase)

Value of transactions: 12,178 billion tomans

Trading volume: 1.1 billion shares

Three symbols with the most positive effects: Famli, Foolad and Fars

OTC cash market:

Total Index: 19,437.50 (523.65 increase)

Value of transactions: 5,201 billion Tomans

Trading volume: 2.7 billion shares

Three symbols with the most positive effects: Aria, Maroon and Midco

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