Removing prices from sites is to the detriment of the market

According to Eqtesadonline, the question is what was the purpose of removing the price of cars from the sites and did the policymakers in this field succeed in achieving the desired result by removing these prices or not? Looking at the price of cars in the last year and especially after the elimination of car prices, this question can easily be answered in the negative. Although initially they removed the price of cars from the sites under the pretext of price control, but we saw that the price of cars continued to grow and increased even more sharply. The point, however, is how managers do not back down from their wrong decision, despite the repeated emphasis by automotive experts that the removal of global prices not only helps control prices but also contributes to market turmoil? A look at the one-year record of removing car prices from sites shows that in the absence of car prices on sites where the bubble price can be controlled to some extent by controlling and monitoring them, wrong policies in managing the country’s automobile industry will increase prices. In the meantime, only the costs of removing car prices from the sites will be heavier on people. In the first issue of Awareness New, under the pretext of eliminating car prices and the problems that this issue has created for the people, an interview was held with Amir Hossein Kakaei, an automotive industry expert and faculty member of the University of Science and Technology, to examine the dimensions of eliminating and controlling prices. And the advantages and disadvantages of this plan are discussed.

They have long removed prices from sites under the pretext of controlling car prices. What do you think is the reason for this decision? Do you think this decision was right or wrong and what are the consequences?

The fact is that we said at the same time that none of these methods work, because this price excitement is disabled at all, and in the middle, some people take advantage of it. Of course, it cannot be said that they actually abuse. It is the job of the merchant or broker to use these terms. They are not doing anything wrong. The job of government officials is to balance production and demand with the right policies. Unfortunately, we are in a country where money has been produced and printed for years with mechanisms I do not know, and apparently does not have the necessary support, and demands that are not based on work and effort are created, and on the other hand, production does not increase as much. In the years when we are rich and we sell oil well, we are all comfortable and happy, and then we all think we did the right thing, and with what we do, we have to get in a good car. In the years when oil sales are declining, we all have problems and we all get upset about why we can’t buy a car or the best appliances. In these difficult years, populist politicians seek to control the market instead of solving the main problem, which is production, and it is interesting that everyone wants to say that we are in favor of the people, so they talk about lowering prices without any economic support. They have more disciplinary support, that is, we can make laws, arrest people, imprison them, impose fines and fines, and so on. In this space, everything goes wrong, including the actual operation of the sites. A website that does not create tension in itself provides information. If you give the right information, no one will believe the false information, and vice versa, if the appearance of the information is good but false, it will come out dirty.

So you think it was wrong to remove the car price from the website?

It is completely wrong. It is a matter of supply and demand. Suppose some people make a fuss and say that Pride is 100 million Tomans, but at the same time the value of this Pride is 50 million Tomans. It should be true that its price automatically drops below 100 tomans, even if they want to price. Why can’t we do that? Because Pride is really worth 100 Tomans. I offer in terms of economic supply and demand mechanism. At intervals of 2 to 3 days at a time, a terrible excitement occurs, this also happens in the stock market, in this case the stock market is closed for the authorities to check, and this is good, but to say that the sites should not be priced, what if? Do you think the main problem will be solved? Incidentally, the situation gets worse. People pay more attention to rumors. During these 3-4 days, many reporters called me and told me to tell them why Pride has become 100 million? One called and asked why it was 104 tomans? I asked, “How did you find out?” They say how many news agencies have written this, my question is how did the news agencies find out? When your information system is closed, not every information you provide is accurate; When prices go up and when they go down. Therefore, I want to say that this is not only useless in the long run, but also detrimental to the market. That is, you are heating up the gossip market, and by the way, those who control gray cyberspace are taking control of public opinion.


A group of experts believe that posting prices on sales sites could help control the market price, meaning that if prices were on the sites, we might be able to control the price. How much do you agree with that and what do you think about it?

Exactly as you say. I emphasize that one day some people are mischievous about who they should be. When everyone is mischievous, it is no longer mischief and it is a real event. When a law is enacted that includes everyone, it does not work because you are leaving the law for the comfort of the people, so if some people are mischievous, we should just stop them. We have so many FATA police and such ways to stop them, why are you acting this way? Inserting the price principle is a principle. It’s like saying why did the supermarket list the price? It is ridiculous to say that the price goes up because everyone else sees it and the price goes up, that is not the way. I would like to say that the inclusion of prices on the sites helps to balance the market and to inform the people and politicians. It stays like a mirror, if we break the mirror, nothing happens except that access to information decreases, transparency disappears, ambiguity increases and people get into more trouble. This is what happens not only to the car but to everything.

So do you think now is the time for prices to return to the site?

Yes. In my opinion, the information of all the people and even the government is not correct now. Because, for example, you say that Pride is 104 million tomans, you do not know at all how many people have bought and sold this. Or, for example, now they are proposing a plan to put the maximum price on the market. What happens to this? Haven’t we experienced this before? People do not announce the real price but trade with each other. Can you stop the majority of people? Quite the opposite; If cyberspace is used properly, it means that neither the government nor others can lie in cyberspace. If you falsely tell people that the price is low, the lie will be exposed and no one will believe you, the opposite is true, that is, even if you set the price higher than usual, people will still understand. Why do we think people are ignorant? This is a big problem. New tools have come, and instead of making the most of them for the development of society, we play on these new tools at least once in a while.


A few days ago, a jockey came and a child said that once you said that you should not take your mobile phone to school, now school has come to your mobile phone. This humor has an interesting point for itself. We can not hide the Internet and cyberspace and society to such a great extent and awareness, so let’s come and do the opposite, that is, allow this awareness to be right, clean and transparent. We are doing the worst we can now, that is, on the one hand we have cyberspace where gray and black space automatically arise, then we close the part that is official sites and has the potential to be controlled. For example, sites like Wall or Bama have an owner and we can control them, but when they close it can no longer be controlled, and its name is the black market, which happens to be much worse and loses all control. Believe me, many of these prices that are being said now are elk prices, and I do not think anyone will buy and sell at these prices. That is, a complete stagnation of inflation has taken hold and is completely locked in because some prices are really out of whack and no one knows right or wrong. How do you want to check the price? You can not check the price with one call to the company. Even the official media of the country are in this situation. How do they know the price when the sites are not right?

A few days ago, a photo of one of the northern cities was published, which showed that a large number of cars were stored there and were not provided.. We also face this issue.

The problem is that now you and I have lost faith in the official information. When you close sites and do not allow people to talk to each other properly, everyone becomes distrustful of each other. Iran Khodro has responded to this news, but I did not see. I am telling you that we have had over 100,000 defective cars in two car manufacturers for some time now, that is, we have cars whose appearance is ready and you can see its aerial image, but an important part They do not have and can not deliver it to you. Your assumption is that the automaker does not produce the car on purpose? Do you know how many thousands of these cars have been sold before? When information is incomplete, there is a lot of gossip and people do not trust each other.


The carmaker’s problem is very simple now and no one can solve it. Prices are wrong, we have currency and customs and investment problems and no one solves them and helps. Then I tell you to do it yourself, but it has lost so much that it has no money to try to solve these problems.. Then we pull the carmaker in the middle to come and answer what is going on? While this is not the problem at all. Now do you think the sites are to blame for the price increase?


But they have closed the sites. Many people spend their lives through these sites. You have troubled people and this is wrong.

Apart from the problem that has arisen for the sites, another problem is that ordinary people do not have access to the right price if they want to sell their car.

This is exactly what I am saying. With a false argument, they say that the sites have raised the prices and then they close the site. Then we see that this work not only had no benefits but no harm. So what is this? But I tell you why they are doing this; In order for some people to take on the main responsibility, which is a lot of hard work, instead of taking on the problem, where the problem cannot be solved at all. It has been 2 and a half years that various price control methods have been implemented in the market. How long before they came and raised the lottery? Did the lottery solve a problem? So why aren’t those officials answering now? Officials have been taking people’s time for 3 months now. Instead, they should go and ask why those cars have been depoted and no one is going to settle those depots? Even in this question, we ask the wrong question; We ask if the automaker has depoted because it wants the price to go up, and with this argument the whole system and the people of the customs and the banks all look at the automaker as an enemy. Now, if we ask the opposite and ask what is the problem of the automaker, that is, we ask with the view that we want the problem of the automaker to be solved and ask why the automaker has a problem and has depoted it? He tells us that it has been a while since my currency got stuck or something came and got into trouble at customs. So we have to solve the problem.


In your opinion, what are the consequences of continuing the decision not to keep car prices on the site? That is, can it make the situation worse or not?

In the market it does not get worse. Suppose we do not have a site at all, people finally find their way; Website and cyberspace improve the situation, so it does not get worse because prices go up and down for good and have nothing to do with men. There is no point in closing sites, but I can claim that they have benefits if they are opened, such as the fact that one can slowly gather the right information and people get out of this confusion and compare some of the right information. Don’t just look at it as a buyer; Suppose you have a car and you want to sell it and you want to sell it at the highest market price, for example you need money and you want to do something, you do not know at what price you should sell it. I think the main and reputable sites should be opened and we should allow them to publish the facts. Of course, always behind the scenes, governments control such sites that they do not manipulate anything at one time, and these sites are always checked with mechanisms and will be punished if they publish false information. If we want to be a developed country, we must allow the right information to be exchanged and have accurate statistics and provide it to the people and make the right averages, so we have to say the average price correctly and say the maximum and minimum and the correct information. Give to people; On the other hand, it is true that it does not cause prices to fall! None of this will bring down prices, but it will bring transparency, and on the other hand, the authorities will have to drop prices and do their main job, which is to support production.