Reopening the faculty recruitment system

Mohammad Reza Rezvantalab, Head of the Faculty Recruitment Center Ministry of Science Regarding the extension of the registration deadline for the recruitment of faculty members, Research and Technology said: “Following the great insistence of some applicants who could not register during the recruitment period for the recruitment of faculty members of the Ministry of Science, provide another opportunity to register this remnant.” شد.

The head of the faculty recruitment center of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology continued: The faculty recruitment system will be reopened tomorrow at one o’clock in the morning (Sunday, December 20) and applicants can use this opportunity to register.

Rezvantalab continued: The faculty recruitment center will review 1400 cases in the central faculty recruitment board from April 6 to May 20. Universities and higher education centers must announce the final result of the recruitment of faculty members by the first of July, 1400, by the date of Shahrivar 99.

He stated: The applicants of the above call, if they need advice and guidance from the experts of the recruitment center, can enter their question after entering the comprehensive recruitment system and through the message center and receive the answer within one working day.

The head of the faculty recruitment center added: “Every candidate has the right to register as soon as he / she registers, and healthy and fair conditions for his / her participation in the competition must be provided.” Refrain from any violation of the right and determination or restriction of the circle of the elected, before the scientific examination and other qualifications.

Rezvantalab about the amount of faculty recruitment in 1999, said: 965 people will be accepted in two calls for faculty recruitment in September and February of this year. The quota officially announced by the Employment Administration for the recruitment of faculty is 965 people who will be accepted as faculty members in 2 calls. This number is intended for government units.