Replacement of the structure of the metal structure of the cooling tower by the specialists of Khuzestan Steel Company

Amir Valipour, the direct supervisor of the Cooling Tower metal construction and replacement project, stated that the Cooling Tower 363 joint open circuit of Bloom and Billet 1 is of special importance due to the cold water supply of the casting of these two products, so it is ready to work and function without vibration. And its continuity to supply the required temperature of water consumption directly affects the production of bloom and billet ingots.

He further said: This cooling tower has 2 cells with metal structure and dimensions (7 * 10 * 8) meters and weighs approximately 20 tons, and since its installation and commissioning, it has been repaired and reconstructed in two stages in two stages. Continued casting and lack of sufficient time on site. But during the last 2 years, due to the wear of the main columns and braces, it has caused many stops and repairs and the vibrations of the fans have exceeded the permissible range, which caused the detection of these vibrations during PM and check program and periodic visits, and in this regard, thickness measurement and The inspection of the metal structure of the cooling tower was carried out by the colleagues located in the technical inspection unit of the company and it was concluded that the whole structure of the replacement and cooling tower was built and installed.

He added: “Estimating the material and reviewing the plans and preparing the description of operations and holding the tender, the relevant contractor was appointed, considering that it was important to have a cooling tower in orbit and the need for continuous production, so take the cooling tower out of orbit according to temperature.” During the high seasons, it was not possible for a long time, so for the first time in Khuzestan Steel Company, the project was carried out in such a way that there was no need to work on site and the cooling tower did not go out of circuit and first the whole metal structure adjacent to the cooling tower Using the existing drawings, then completely replace the worn cooling tower with a 88-ton crane, and it was done in a planned way, using a new bypass line in the cold season, without any stops in Install and install a new cooling tower for 20 days.

“By carrying out this important project, the unintended interruptions caused by decay and vibrations of the previous worn structure and affecting production will be eliminated, and we will see the continuation of Bloom and Billet billet production to improve the safety and continuous production of these two products,” he said. Was .

It should be noted that due to the conditions of sanctions and relying on the ability of domestic technical forces, one hundred percent of production, supply, manufacture and assembly of parts and materials and hot galvanizing has been done by specialized forces inside our country and one of the new innovations in this project, Construction and execution of a complete metal structure in the vicinity of the cooling tower and its installation without stopping in the shortest possible time can be mentioned.

The direct supervisor of the construction and replacement structure of the metal structure of Cooling Tower stated at the end: This project was built and installed in a period of one and a half years with the cooperation and efforts of technical and specialized staff in the steel plant of Khuzestan Steel Company. Steel facilities of Engineer Hesamzadeh and the head of the unit, Mr. ??? I would like to thank Rezaei and Khavar Sanat Jonoob Company as the executive contractor of the unit. I wish all my colleagues good health and happiness, and I hope that all of us will take effective steps to promote and grow the large steel family, and that we will see good things happen every day.

Public Relations of Khuzestan Steel Company