Report of the Iranian Embassy in Moscow on Zanganeh’s visit to Russia

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting ISNA, the media department of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Moscow wrote about the meeting between the Iranian Minister of Oil and Russian officials: In the meeting of the Minister of Oil with Russian officials, Kazem Jalali The Chairman of the Energy Commission and Behrouz Nemati, Advisor to the Minister of Oil, were present.

Bijan Zanganeh in this meeting, referring to the expanding cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in various fields, especially in the field of oil and gas, said: “Fortunately, this cooperation is expanding day by day.”

Referring to Russia’s important and positive role in OPEC and OPECPlus, he added: “In the current situation, including the imposition of harsh US sanctions on Iran and Russia, strengthening convergence and cooperation between the two countries is very important and effective.”

Noting that there has been close cooperation between the two countries in the field of oil and energy in recent years, Zanganeh stressed: “We continue to call for the deepening of this cooperation in order to neutralize the consequences of sanctions.”

The Minister of Oil of our country, stating that many changes and developments have taken place in the international arena, said: “In any case, the relations between Iran and Russia will not change and Tehran is determined to strengthen relations with Russia.”

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister also expressed satisfaction with the growing relations between the two countries and said: “Russia definitely wants more convergence with Iran in all fields, especially in the field of oil and energy.”

Alexander Novak added: “In recent years, consultations between OPEC members and OPEC Plus have been effective, and Russia has tried to play a constructive role.”

“Iran and Russia have always had close and growing cooperation in the field of oil and energy, and this cooperation will continue,” he said.

According to the report, the two sides drew a roadmap for the continuation and development of cooperation between the two countries, regardless of international political developments.

They also emphasized the pursuit and implementation of agreements and understandings related to the energy sector in the form of a joint commission for cooperation between the two countries.