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According to reports EconomyOnline According to Iran, this case has been investigated since 1997 with a report Deadly conflict The family started in Varamin. After being present at the scene and the initial investigation, the officers found out that the assailant was a 40-year-old man named Behib Habib, who had killed him during a fight with his niece Reza.

Habib was arrested and explained to the officers: “I did not intend to kill my nieces.” He attacked me after entering my house and I had to beat him to defend the lives of my wife and children.

Officers then arrested Habib’s accomplices, including his brother Behnam Hassan, on charges of participating in a mass brawl. Issuance of an indictment The case was sent to Branch 2 of the Tehran Criminal Court.

During the hearing, the prosecutor’s representative first read the indictment against the accused, and then the victim’s parents appeared at the scene and demanded retribution for the accused. The victim’s mother said: I will not forgive my brother and I ask the judges to issue a sentence of retribution.

The defendant then went to the station and denied the charge of premeditated murder, saying: “I was outside the house when my wife called and said that my nephew Reza and some of his friends had attacked our house.” My wife also ran away in fear. I hurried home and saw that Reza and some of his friends were waiting for me with knives and clubs, and when they saw me, they attacked me without any introduction. I also tried to defend myself. Meanwhile, my brother, who came to help me, only wanted to stop the fight and had no role in the conflict. Of course, I did not hit Reza and I just tried to protect myself from their blows

Save me.

The judge asked the defendant: If you did not hit me, why did you explicitly state in your confession that I hit my niece to defend my wife and children, which was not intentional?

Defendant replied: I had taken a lot of drugs at that time, so I was not in a normal state, and I confessed when I was under interrogation pressure. Reza’s friends all had knives and knives, maybe one of them hit Reza by mistake.

Regarding the cause of the conflict, he said: “We have had disputes and conflicts for some time because of inheritance.” My nieces thought I had inherited their mother. But they had no evidence to substantiate their claims, and they kept arguing with me.

After the statements of the first-degree defendant, his brother Hassan went to the police station on charges of participating in a mass quarrel and said: Get here. I admit that I was involved in the mass conflict, but neither I nor my brother was the attacker. The assailant was a friend of Reza.

The CCTV footage of a nearby shop showed that my niece and her friends attacked my brother’s house with knives and clubs, but they conspired with the shop owner to remove the footage from the scene and send my brother to the gallows. If the video of that shop is found, you can be sure that it will be clear who attacked and how.

After that, the other defendants went to the court on charges of participating in a mass conflict and complicity with the main defendant, and defended themselves by confirming the professionalism of the first and second defendants.

At the end of the court session, the judges rushed to vote.