Request to buy 10,000 electricity meters on the tender board of the Commodity Exchange

A look at the details of the purchase request of the Khorasan Razavi Regional Electricity Distribution Company shows that this company is requesting the purchase of 10,000 electricity meters with a base price of 3,200,000 Rials per unit. The product in question is a 25-amp single-phase meter. Multi-tariff digital tariffs (without frame) are in accordance with the instructions for determining the requirements of technical evaluation criteria and tests of single-phase multi-tariff digital meters (1/3 Tavanir edition).

Also, according to the buyer’s request, the name of Khorasan Razavi Electricity Distribution Company should be engraved on the delivered goods in such a way that it cannot be erased. In addition, the seller must pack and prepare the tendered goods for shipment in accordance with international standards and according to the nature of the goods and the type of means of transport in a way that is safe from damage and corruption during transport and storage. The place of delivery of the tender warehouse is the central warehouse of Khorasan Razavi Electricity Distribution Company located in Mashhad and all legal deductions for loading, transportation, insurance of goods and other possible costs will be borne by the seller and unloading costs by the buyer.