Restless sleep because of Corona

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, in societies such as Germany, where people’s productivity and work capacity are the determining criteria for keeping a job, employed people usually sleep less than necessary and often suffer from lack of sleep.

This condition is harmful in the long run because, in the words of Jan Burt, a sleep health specialist in Germany, “a person who does not sleep well does not wake up during the day.”

As the Corona pandemic continues, telecommuting is prevalent in many occupations, with many people doing their homework and therefore not having to travel and being able to sleep longer.

This is especially useful for people who are not up early and their biological sleep time is such that they sleep late at night and wake up later in the day. They are generally healthier and more energetic. In fact, during a pandemic, our bodies can make up for years and months of sleep deprivation.

Nightmares and restless sleep because of Corona

But not all doctors and researchers consider the corona pandemic to be positive for sleep. A study conducted by a team from the University of Helsinki in Finland shows that the corona crisis haunts many people at night and in their dreams.

Medical experts in this study have concluded that the conditions that corona prevails in society affect both the rhythm of sleep and the content of sleep.

According to Deutsche Welle, for this study, about 4,000 volunteers described the content of their dreams and more than a quarter said they had more nightmares than before. About a third said they have lost sleep and wake up more during the night.

Based on the above results, experts emphasize that in such situations, people have to pay attention to these disturbances and disturbances in sleep at night and it is necessary to seek help and advice from a therapist and specialist to improve their health.