Restrictions continue until the corona disappears

According to Eqtesadonline, Hossein Zolfaghari, Deputy Minister of Security and Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Security, Social and Law Enforcement Committee of the National Corona Disease Management Headquarters, said today at the 51st meeting of the committee that fortunately with the good cooperation of the people and the assistance of all agencies. In particular, the police and trade unions are moving towards full control and control of coronary heart disease in the country; He said: in the first place, it is necessary to include the members of the medical staff as well as the police force who have really worked hard during the past months; Be grateful.
Zolfaghari stated that the police force is at the service of the National Corona headquarters day and night in the implementation of approved programs and packages; He said: “After the refinement, a total of 1.8 million fines have been registered in the country by law enforcement agents in the recent period, which shows the efforts of this group in the correct and correct execution of the assigned missions.”
The head of the security, social and disciplinary committee of the National Corona Disease Management Headquarters stated that recent statistics show that the traffic fines are increasing between 9pm and 4am; He said: “We must have the necessary planning for this issue and if it continues and the slope of the fines increases in this case, we will adopt a new solution.”
Zolfaghari continued his speech by pointing to the effective role of people and guilds in the process of managing coronary heart disease and said: “The general trend shows the good cooperation of our dear people with the comprehensive intelligent management plan, which I need to thank all those involved in this plan.”
Regarding the issue of sealing the violating trade unions, he noted: According to statistics, 28,000 trade unions have been sealed due to non-compliance with health protocols and approvals of the headquarters, which indicates that the general and majority of trade unions in the process of combating coronation. They are accompanied.
Zolfaghari, stating that the most important and pivotal resources in the management of coronary heart disease are people; He said: “Considering the danger of disease on people’s health, there should be no normalization and normalization of disease in society.”

The Deputy Minister of Interior explained that we should not allow the re-outbreak of the disease in the country by adopting intelligent methods, which are also foreseen in the intelligent master plan, and help to eradicate the disease in the country by continuing the current path.

He added: “The most important factor in the spread of the disease is the gathering of people, especially in closed places, and for this reason, all governorates across the country have been notified not to allow these gatherings under any circumstances.”
Zolfaghari noted: “Fortunately, with the support and support of our dear people, today we have reached a point where the death rate has risen from about 500 to about 120 to 130 people, and this indicates the fact that the policy process in successful disease management Therefore, we must not allow the disease to re-emerge by strictly observing the protocols.