Return of Iranol products to the export ring of the Energy Exchange and Commodity Exchange

According to Shaman News, quoting Iranol Public Relations, Amir Azimi added: in order to be transparent in performance, by the order of Mohammad Hossein Razaghi, CEO of Iranol Oil Company, the company’s products returned to the export ring of commodity and energy exchanges after a 9-year break.

He specified: In the offers made on December 18, 22 and 25, 1399, products such as light and heavy extracts were sold in the international ring of the Energy Exchange and heavy slag wax was sold in the export ring of the Commodity Exchange.

Azimi, Iranol sales deputy, further announced the continuation and expansion of the supply of other export products of this company and added: in the near future, more products of the company’s products will be offered in the domestic and export rings of the Commodity and Energy Exchange.