Return of justice stocks to the channel of 12 million Tomans / Why are justice stocks not growing?

According to Tejarat News, during today’s trading and the past few days, the stock market symbols affecting the value of justice stocks had a downward trend. The banking group, the base metals group, the refining group and the petrochemical group had a downward trend, and as a result, the value of justice stocks fell sharply.

On the other hand, justice stocks do not grow as much as in the past when the total index grows, and now the trend of the equilibrium index is better than the total index, and because the shares affecting the value of equity stocks are fundamental symbols, the value of equity stocks will not grow much.

With this account, the value of 60% of marketable justice shares reached 7 million 783 thousand Tomans and 30% of it reached 3 million 891 thousand Tomans.

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