Revealing the secret of spring divorce guide + details and videos

Revealing the secret of spring divorce guide + details and videos

The story of the divorce of Bahareh Rahnama and Peyman Ghasemkhani has become hot again. This time, the excuse for the heated debate over Bahareh Rahnama is the release of a film about Peyman Ghasemkhani’s new wife. Bahareh Rahnama had previously expressed her happiness with the release of a video of Peyman Ghasemkhani’s new marriage. Bahareh Rahnama, of course, remarried earlier than Peyman Ghasemkhani. New news about the periphery Spring Guide Read below:

New movie about spring guide

Bahareh Rahnama was born on December 31, 1973 in Hazaveh, Markazi Province. He holds a bachelor’s degree in dramatic literature and a master’s degree in judicial law from Azad University.

Who is Bahare Rahnama?

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She is the wife of Peyman Ghasemkhani, a film writer and current (wife of her brother-in-law), Shaghayegh Dehghan, a film and television actress. He has a daughter named Priya Ghasemkhani. Priya has the experience of appearing in the theater of windows and the movie Banoo.

Bahareh Rahnama Jari (wife of brother-in-law) Shaghayegh Dehghan is a film and television actress. Bahareh Rahnama is one of the few actors who has a high level of education at the university level, and perhaps that is why she has little work in the field of cinema and television. She came to the cinema for the first time with the film Viper. Then he played a romantic movie with his wife. In 2001, he experienced acting in a comedy film Bread and Love and the Engine of a Thousand, which showed his ability in the field of comedy films.

The name of Bahareh Rahnama movies

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From the show to the writing of Bahareh Rahnama

Movies starring Bahareh Rahnama:

1397 Mr. Elevator

1396 Armpit mirror

1395 Hashtag

1395 Good, bad, kitty

1395 Ass and Pass

1393 360 degrees

1392 Sensitive class

1392 Introduction to Leila

1390 Do not forget your childhood

Laughter in the rain

1389 Crime

2010 Venusian women, Martian men

2010 Women are amazing

1389 Whatever God wants

1389 Gentlemen are not allowed to enter

1388 dolls

2009 Dog Dog Afternoon

1388 Poopak and Mash Mashallah

1388 St. Petersburg

Live entry is prohibited

1387 چارچنگولی

1387 Ten digits

2007 Compulsory success

The circle of the bell

1383 شبانه

1381 گاوخونی

1380 Bread and love and motor 1000

Bad children

Bitter Almonds

1374 Romantic

1374 غزال

1371 افعی

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TV works Bahareh Rahnama is a film and television actress

TV movies in which Bahareh Rahnama has acted:

Neighbors (1395)

Heart Watch (1395)

Unpublished (1394)

Good Bad Ugly (1393)

Pejman (1392)

Goodbye baby (1391)

Bounced Check (1390)

Safe (1388)

The Exorcist (1387)

Man of a Thousand Faces (1386)

Hudhud Bookstore (2006 Guest Actor)

Underground (1385)

I am a tenant (1382)

Brighter than blackout (2003)

Unknown files (1380)

The Story of a City 2 (1379)

Back to home (1375)

Engineer Kid (1397)

Spring Movie Traps Guide

The game is directed by Soroush Sehat

Spring Guide Movies on Home Show Network

Iranian Dinner (2011) directed by Bijan Birang

Made in Iran (2011)

The Honor of the Fazel Family (1392)

Made in Iran 2 (1396)

Photo of Bahareh Rahnama next to Sougal Tahmasebi

Bahareh Rahnama with Sougal Tahmasebi and Nafiseh Roshan

Spring Screenshots Guide

Barreh Nights (by one of the authors)

Muzaffar Garden (one of the authors)

Shams Al-Amara (one of the authors)

Parvin Ghaem Maghami Bahareh Rahnama

Bahareh Rahnama with her actress mother

Spring Theaters Guide

1397 – Bluffigura (Director Saeed Dashti)

2017 – Fourth Generation Operator (Director Baqer Soroush)

2017 – Evergreen Suns (actor, director and one of the writers with Amir Ali Radi, Zahra Esmailzadeh)

2017 – Aramesh is a beautiful woman who has a husband (writer and actor) – Director: Amir Hossein Asani

2017 – Another (Director and Actor)

1396 – Autumn Sonata – Director: Jalal Tehrani

2016 – Professional – Director: Reza Kianian

2016 – Women staring at goats – Director: Ayub Agakhani

2016 – Play that song again Sam – Director: Davood Bani Ardalan

1394 – Deliberate, romantic, murderous – Writer and director: Sanaz Bayan

1394 – It looks like a horse is running in your eyes – Writer: Sohrab Hosseini – Director: Taha Zaker

2014 – Do you close your mouth or me? (Writer and actor) – Director: Davood Bani Ardalan

2014 – Spanish play – Director: Shiva Ardoei

2014 – Arsenic and the Old Tour – Director: Hossein Parsai

2014 – Shakespeare Women’s Era (Actress, Writer and Director)

2014 – Do you eat ice cream with me? (Actor and director)

2013 – The wind that took you ‚dried me – Director: Ali Nargesnejad

1392 – Sons of the Sun – Director: Siamak Safari

2012 – Ghobar – Director: Bahareh Rahnama

2012 – Eyes that are yours – Director: Nasim Adabi

2012 – I forgot this summer – Director: Bahare Rahnama

2012 – Jajroud Road Imaginations – Tehran – Director: Ghazaleh Motamed

2012 – Grotsky on the genealogy of lies and loneliness – Director: Sajjad Afsharian

2011 – Terrace – Director: Mohammad Reza Khaki

2011 – Elephant – Director: Behnaz Nazi

2011 – I want to meet Miyosu – Director: Mahmoud Azizi

2009 – Hamlet with Seasonal Salad – Director: Hadi Marzban

2008 – God of Killing – Director: Alireza Kooshak Jalali

2005 – Windows – Director: Farhad Ayesh

2000 – Tele-theater before acquaintance

1996 – “O Nasim Baran” Tele-Theater

Bahareh Rahnama’s father

Bahareh Rahnama’s father’s birthday party

Spring Guide Books

Taking a step on the road, publishing Negah 13٩٦

Rain Woman, Negah Publishing, 2015

My favorite melancholy, Negah Publishing, 2013

Haft Shab Month, Negah Publishing, 2010

Four Wednesdays and a wig, Cheshmeh Publishing, 2009