Revenue of 1075 billion revenue from the movement of goods

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Fars, based on the explanatory notes of the financial statements of the Roads and Transportation Organization in the year ending March 20, 1997, the capital of the Roads Organization on March 20, 1997, amounting to 75 billion, 272 million and 100 thousand Tomans and its total It belongs to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Increase of capital reserves of the Road Authority in 1997 to 285 billion and 539 million

The capital reserve of the Road Authority at the end of the period is 285 billion and 539 million and 800 thousand Tomans, which in 1996 was 262 billion and 570 million and 800 thousand Tomans.

Operating income of 2180 billion Tomans of the road structure in 1997

Funds obtained from the provision of transportation services (including issuance of transit licenses, issuance of amendments to import licenses, licenses of ancillary facilities, issuance of driver’s licenses, issuance and renewal of licenses of international and domestic companies, etc.) Traffic law, freeway tolls and sections The transfer facilities at the terminals have been identified as the exclusive revenues of the Road Authority within the framework of legal laws and regulations.

Revenue of the Roads Organization from the traffic law of 793 billion and 115 million and 800 thousand Tomans, from the tolls of moving goods 1075 billion and 419 million and 900 thousand Tomans, from the revenue of terminal facilities 100 billion and 451 million and 900 thousand Tomans, from tolls Freeways 120 billion and 236 million and 400 thousand Tomans and from transportation services 64 billion and 257 million and 800 thousand Tomans and including other items, the total operating income of the Roads Organization in the year ending March 20, 1997 2180 billion and 690 It is one million and 100 thousand tomans.

Other non-operating income and expenses

In the section of other non-operating incomes and expenses, the figure of 25 billion and 732 million and 200 thousand Tomans has been recorded, from which 21 billion and 844 million Tomans of income from bank deposit interest and 3 billion and 280 million and 900 thousand Tomans of income from 5% of freeway participation.

Annual adjustments in 1997, 6 billion and 359 million Tomans

In the explanatory notes to the financial statements of FY 97 of the Road Authority, the total annual adjustments are 6 billion 359 million 100 thousand Tomans, which include correcting the performance tax error of 1993 and the penalty of performance tax of 1992 and 1993, as well as correcting the VAT error of the years. Is before.