Review of Shahid Soleimani’s plan in “Tehran 20” program

Program ” Tehran 20 Tonight, Monday, January 22, 1999, Sardar Hassan Hassanzadeh, the commander of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Corps, will be the host to explain the plan of Martyr Soleimani to fight Coronary heart disease.

This program examines the great plan of Shahid Soleimani, which is mobilized by the medical community to manage the disease coronavirus It is running, paying for and describing the activities and services of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran.

“Tehran 20” even days with performance محمد دلاوری And Fard Days, with the performance of Ali Marvi, airs every Saturday from Wednesday to Wednesday at 8 pm on the Panj Sima network.

This work program is from the Tehran and Citizen group, produced by Hassan Nazari and edited by Mohammad Mohsen Feizipour from Panj Sima Network Is broadcast.