Risk of closing the cement industry with unprofessional behavior

While the cement industry has experienced good growth in many indicators, including domestic production and delivery, compared to the same period last year, not only is it not supported, but some unfair and unprofessional policies have led to the risk of shutting down the industry. Be.

Reza Jamaranian, citing the economic observation and quoting public relations, pointed out that the cement industry uses all its efforts to properly meet the country’s need for this strategic product, explained: The cement industry in the first seven months of this year Compared to the same period last year, it has grown by 13% in the field of cement production and by 18.6% in the field of domestic delivery. In other words, despite the restrictions imposed due to Quaid 19 virus, international sanctions against our country and unfair and unprofessional pricing, the cement industry is doing its best so that the country does not face a shortage of supply over demand in the field of cement, and construction projects and Construction to be safe in this regard. However, people with unfair and unprofessional behavior are trying to make the cement industry weaker every day.

The president of the Cement Industry Employers’ Association explained about the increase in domestic production and delivery of cement in the first 7 months of this year compared to the same period last year: The cement industry is collapsing and craftsmen and producers are losing the ability to continue their activities. In other words, in the current situation and with unfair prices, the more cement is produced in the country, the more cement factories will be damaged and the brokers and intermediaries will earn more.

Emphasizing that a competitive economy means more exploitation of the economy if there is better competition in the market, Jamaranian stated: While some indicators in the field of production and financial management show the growth of the cement industry compared to other construction industries But there is no support for this industry. Keep in mind that we mean support, equal and fair treatment, and we are not looking for special privileges. Our only expectation is that the pricing behavior of the cement industry will be similar to that of steel, lime, brick, etc., and that the price of this product will be free and based on the economic realities of the country.

He emphasized: The current price of each 50 kg package of type two cement is equal to 15,500 Tomans as the producer price, which, taking into account the shipping cost and the profit of the sales agent, should reach 19,500 Tomans to the consumer, while the same product With the same specifications, less than 40,000 Tomans can not be found in material stores in the Tehran market.

According to Jamaranian, if the cement production units continue on this path, they will lose their resistance to the non-compliance of the order price with the economic realities, and it will not be possible to continue the production path. The process during which the price of cement was discovered and announced is not approved by the craftsmen in this field, and unfortunately, the pricing is far from expert behavior and has only made some brokers and intermediaries profitable.