Road traffic situation on Eid night

Regarding the traffic situation on the roads on Eid night, Col. Jahani added: “I recommend and emphasize that according to the rules and regulations announced by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters and the restrictions that have been considered, people should pay special attention to 40 cities where the situation is red.” Or they have oranges, because they are forbidden to travel in them and they will definitely be enforced.

Rahoor Naja Social Deputy stated: “Considering the current situation and according to the reports that we have from the country’s transportation roads, there is no problem in this regard, and observing these rules and regulations can help us achieve our goals and the safety and peace of the people.” Slowly

Colonel Jahani emphasized: “What the statistics show is a relative increase in accidents, and this issue is related to the four main causes of accidents, namely speeding, overtaking, not paying attention to the front while driving and driving in a drowsy state. These four The cause is about 82% of accidents, and our compatriots must pay attention to these four factors so that we do not see this relative increase during the Nowruz holiday.