Romney’s response to Trump’s insistence on changing the outcome of the election

Senator Donald’s party Trump , His constant efforts to change in Result of election President of the United States Described as stupid and shameful.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Sen. Mitt Romney said Trump’s insistence on promoting conspiracy theories in the US presidential election, as well as the possibility of his resorting to martial law to turn the ballot, was very upsetting. He leaves a series of conspiracy theories and stupid issues to the point where people will shake their heads and ask him what he is really looking for.

The Republican senator from Utah did not consider the issue of martial law, which was apparently first proposed to him by Trump’s former national security adviser, to be practical, and said that this (proposal) will not go anywhere. I understand that the president is looking for a way to achieve a different outcome from what the American people have come up with. This is very sad and embarrassing in many ways.

Trump’s party senator also hinted that instead of taking such a shameful step, he could have ended his last season with a victory over the Corona vaccine.

Michael Flynn, a former Trump adviser, has previously said that the current US president should hold a second presidential election with the deployment of the military. “With the current election result, we can not expect progress,” the former US official told News Max. “Trump must order the immediate confiscation of the voting machines.”

He had previously called on Trump to re-run the presidential election, and on his personal Twitter page he republished a request by a political group called the People’s Convention, which called for a re-run of the US presidential election due to fraud. Flynn made the remarks after admitting to lying to AFBI in a case alleging Russian interference in the 2016 election.

It has been more than a month since the US presidential election, but what has not changed is Trump and his allegations of fraud and manipulation of the November 3 election results. As the day for Trump’s stay in the White House draws to a close, he continues to believe that his fraud has deprived him of a second term in office.