Rouhani must critique his loan promises

Referring to the recent orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution to neutralize the sanctions, Abbas Moqtadaei, a representative of the people of Isfahan, said: “The orders and recommendations of the Supreme Leader are a comprehensive and complete package with various components that unity and solidarity, attention to the deprived, Interior and … are among its components.
He added: “Some people should consider only a part of the orders of the leadership and neglect the rest of their orders, knowing that this approach will lead to nothing but losses.”
The Vice President for National Security and Foreign Policy of the Majles stated: The emphasis of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution is on giving priority to neutralizing and neutralizing the sanctions; Because this approach is to look inward and use internal capacities. On the contrary, the issue of lifting sanctions is looking to the outside world and asking for it from foreigners.

Muqtada’i noted: “We must always keep in mind that we have made a revolution to preserve our independence and cut off foreigners from the country’s resources, and they will never reject our demand for independence, and it is natural that they will not cooperate with us in lifting sanctions.” .

He added: “The United States and Europe want nineteenth-century Iran to come to this country whenever they want, to do whatever they want, and to leave whenever they want.”

The deputy speaker of the parliament for national security and foreign policy said: “Mr. Rouhani and his government should know that they are facing a series of loan promises that they made to the people, and they should criticize these loan promises in the remaining months.” Promises that have not been fulfilled in the last seven and a half years and the government must critique them in the remaining seven months.

Muqtada’i pointed out: Mr. Rouhani made promises to the people in the case of Borjam that were not fulfilled, and in the short time left, he must fulfill them.

He added: “The performance of Mr. Rouhani and his government should be such that on the last day of the report he presents, the report of the fulfilled promises and not the promises made.”