Royal house and life of Masoud Shojaei; national team player / photo

Billion car and house Masoud Shojaei You see. View of the house Masoud Shojaei Iranian national team player working in Spanish and Arab leagues, which he published on his Instagram page. Masoud Shojaei Arkhlou (born June 9, 1984, is an Iranian football player in Shiraz).



Of course, his origin is from Khuzestan and his father was born in Abadan … but at that time because of his father’s job, H.

R has experienced life in different cities for some time. Massoud Shojaei has two brothers and two sisters, he is the third child in the family.

Masoud Shojaei is currently a member of the Las Palmas Club (Spanish Football Club) and has a history of membership in the Iranian national football team. Masoud Shojaei usually plays as a midfielder and right midfielder. Massoud Shojaei started playing professional football for the Abadan Oil Industry team, and later transferred to the Saipa team.

His first national game was against Laos in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers. He came on as a substitute at the 2006 World Cup against Angola. Another interesting point is that Masoud Shojaei is one of the few players who has opened the gates of the national team twice in South Korea.

Masoud Shojaei joined Osasuna in the Spanish League on 4/4/2008 with a three-year contract. The contract was announced at 9 million euros, but when he was at the peak and everyone was expecting him to become one of the best foreign legionnaires in La Liga, he suffered an injury and this period of injury reduced his sports career to more than a year. It was not the end.

He returned to Osasuna, but this time Massoud was no longer permanent and had fallen a lot, and this persuaded the managers and coaches of Osasuna to look for another foreign player and remove Shojaee from their list, but Shojaei is the experience of many Iranian legionnaires like Nekounam. , Did not repeat Hashemian and Mahdavi Kia, who came to Iran after the end of their contracts with first-tier European teams, and preferred to continue it in the second level of Spanish football instead of continuing their sports career in Arab countries or in the Iranian Premier League. The Iranian legionnaire remained in Europe. He joined Las Palmas Club in September 2013.