Sahar Dolatshahi Lakhti dress in France! + Photo

Sahar Dolatshahi Born on October 7, 1979 in Tehran, he is an actor in Iranian cinema, theater and television. Sahar Dolatshahi is a graduate of French dramatic literature and translation. Sahar Dolatshahi’s mother is the vice president of the Swimming Federation and her father is an engineer and is active in cycling tours in Iran and abroad.

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The beginning of Sahar Dolatshahi’s activity

It started its activity with student theaters in the late 70’s.

He started his career in theater in 1979 and 1980, when he was introduced to the film Farzand Sobh in 2004 and experienced his first cinematic appearance, then he entered the TV box with Marzieh Boroumand’s bookstore series in 2007.

The fame of Sahar Dolatshahi

Sahar Dolatshahi playing in the series Passengers made by his ex-wife Young Rambod In 2009, he became very popular with the role of a space man and made him famous very soon.

He started his artistic career with the theater, but acting in the theater gave him good opportunities and introduced him to cinema and television, as well as his presence on the theater stage, which led to his acquaintance with the young Rambod.

Sahar Dolatshahi marriage

She married Rambod, a young actor and director of television and cinema, on March 18, 1987. Their acquaintance was formed from the theater, Dolatshahi says: We had many mutual friends and we knew each other from afar until finally it was time to get more and more attention until finally he got married, Rambod after he proposed to me , Came and talked to my father. Then a courtship was made.

Divorce of Sahar Dolatshahi from his wife

Their divorce was carried out in 2014 in news silence. This separation was not confirmed by the parties for a long time. Sahar Dolatshahi was the second wife of the young Rambod, who both believed that people should not enter their privacy!

Sahar Dolatshahi, who due to the separation from her ex-husband, the young Rambod, followed the year 1993 in solitude and, of course, in the field of acting, in a conversation about this loneliness, says: It was not only as an actor that I grew in many ways.

Sahar Dolatshahi’s second job in his own language

I have been fascinated by acting since I was a child, but the fact is that I have read dramatic literature and still part of my concern is writing.

When I was a student, I was a good student when I was writing in class or when I was translating. I’m very jealous if I still do not have time to write. Writing is always on my mind. I do not know if it should be time or I should do it! I still think one of the ideal jobs is writing.

Filmography of Sahar Dolatshahi

Sahar Dolatshahi Theater Works

  1. Sleepy Nimroz (Ayatollah Najafi) (1380)
  2. Seagull (Ayatollah Najafi) (1380)
  3. Stronger (Sahar Dolatshahi and Ayatollah Najafi) (2002)
  4. Miss Julie (Ayatollah Najafi) (2002)
  5. Pilgrim (Hamid Amjad) (1382)
  6. News from Tehran 2 (Ayatollah Najafi) (1383)
  7. The Crow and the Bicycle (Attila Pesyani) (1383)
  8. Without milk and sugar (Hamid Amjad and Seyed Mehrdad Ziaei) (1383)
  9. Hey big man, do not cry (Jalal Tehrani) (1383)
  10. Recent Experiences (Amirreza Kouhestani) (2004)
  11. Bitter as honey (Attila Pessani) (1383)
  12. Siphon (Arvand Dasht-e Arai) (2005)
  13. Return to Khan Nakhsh (Arvand Dasht-e Arai) (2005)
  14. The Blade and the Moon (Attila Pesyani) (2006)
  15. Wounds on the sand (Attila Pesyani) (1385)
  16. Anato Tigh (Attila Pesyani) (1386)
  17. A Nakok Symphony (Attila Pesyani) (2007)
  18. The Devil’s Wrestling (Attila Pesyani) (2009)
  19. A Woman from the Past (Mohammad Aqbati) (2011)
  20. Footnote (Ahmad Kachehchian) (1390)
  21. Dracula (Star of Pesyani) (1390)
  22. Long Spiral Road (Reza Goran) (2012)
  23. Train (Nima Dehghan) (1391)
  24. The Body and the Secret of Mondas Palace (Arvand Dasht-e Arai) (2012)
  25. Lead House (Ali Nargesnejad) (2013)
  26. Old Songs (Mohammad Rahmanian) (2013)
  27. From Jerusalem to Jericho (Bita Al-Hayan) (2013)
  28. Drought and Lies (Mohammad Yaghoubi) (1393)
  29. Shakespeare Women’s Round (Bahare Rahnama) (2014)
  30. Itching Performance (Amir Kanjani) (2015)
  31. Death of Houtan (Yousef Bapiri) (2016)

Sahar Dolatshahi cinematic works

  1. Lobby (1395)
  2. Sincerely; Nazanin Bahareh Tina (1395)
  3. Barcodes (1394)
  4. Inversion (1394)
  5. I want (1393)
  6. Gap (1393)
  7. Ice Age (1393)
  8. مستانه (1393)
  9. Profiles (1393)
  10. Metropolis (1392)
  11. Shallow yellow sky (1391)
  12. Earth Runner (1389)
  13. Gold and Copper (1387)
  14. Child of the Morning (1387)
  15. When we all sleep (1387)
  16. Meem Like Mother (1385)
  17. Wednesday (1384)

Sahar Dolatshahi movie traps

  1. Forgetfulness (Masoud Madadi) (1386)
  2. Ekhraji (Mehdi Karampour) (1386)
  3. A Name (Bijan Mirbagheri) (2009)
  4. Ganjineh Shargh (Kamal Tabrizi) (1389)
  5. Mourning (Morteza Farshbaf) (1389)
  6. Ekbatan, Block 9 (Majid Tavakoli) (2011)
  7. A few more days (Parisa Gorgin) (2013)
  8. A Better World (Behrouz Shoaib) (2012)

Sahar Dolatshahi serials

  1. Hudhud Bookstore (Marzieh Boroumand) (1386)
  2. Passengers (Young Rambod) (2009)
  3. Nabardeh Ranj (Alireza Bazrafshan) (2009)
  4. Family Conspiracy (Young Rambod) (1389)
  5. Ab Parya (Marzieh Boroumand) (1389)
  6. Icy Heart (Chapter 3) (Saman Moghadam) (2012) Home Network
  7. Shahrzad (Season 2) (Hassan Fathi) (2016) Home Show Network

Other works of Sahar Dolatshahi

  1. Short film Forever (Arash Kamali Sarvestani) (2007)
  2. Documentary of Crowded City Notes (Babak Goodarzinejad) (2008) (Reporter)
  3. Radio 7 program (Mansour Zabetian) (2010) (narrator)
  4. Book TV program Da (Sina Ataeian) (2011) (narrator)
  5. Chat Program (Rambod Javan) (2011) (Host)
  6. Documentary of Ibrahim in Fire (Keyvan Ali Mohammadi and Omid Bankdar) (2012)
  7. A Cinema Actor Ideas Program (Manijeh Hekmat) (2013) (Interviewer)

Sahar Dolatshahi Awards and Honors

Acting in the film Gold and Copper, directed by Homayoun Assadian, in 2009, she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress award at the 14th Cinema House Festival. At the 33rd Fajr Film Festival, Sahar Dolatshahi won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ice Age.

For Sahar Dolatshahi, the year 1993 was a turning point in his record; On the one hand, after playing a complementary role in various films for a long time, he played the role of one in Hossein Farahbakhsh’s third film, “Mastaneh”, and on the other hand, he came to the 33rd festival with two relatively good films, “Gapaf” and “Ice Age”. .

In the meantime, “Ice Age”, in addition to being noticed by the audience, was also approved by the jury, and Simorgh Blorin was awarded the best supporting actress of the festival to Sahar Dolatshahi for her role in “Ice Age”.