Sahar Qureshi married to a famous singer + photo

By publishing photos of Sahar Ghoreyshi In the movie Darya, there is a rumor about his remarriage. Sahar Qureshi says that he was born on January 27, 1987 in Tehran. Sahar Qureshi has a younger brother named Sepehr. He became famous after playing the role of Yalda in the series Delnavazan and they married Dariush Ezzati. But after a while, they divorced.

Movie and TV actress Sahar Qureshi recently posted a photo that sparked rumors of her remarriage. Of course, this rumor was denied some time later.

Sahar Qureshi published this photo and wrote: Let’s send positive energy to each other.


This photo and text were enough to spread the rumor of the young actor’s remarriage, but the point is that this photo is related to Qureshi’s role in the movie Daryaknar and has no external reality.

Biography of Sahar Qureshi, a film and television actor

Biography Sahar Qureshi says that he was born on January 27, 1987 in Tehran. He has a younger brother named Sepehr. He became famous after playing the role of Yalda in the series Delnavazan and they married Dariush Ezzati. But after a while, they divorced.


But the marriage lasted only a year. Sahar Qureshi’s first acting role was in the film Lodge and Lodge Game directed by Seyed Mehdi Borghei.


Friendship of Sahar Qureshi and Samaneh Pakdel

Sahar Qureshi says about her friendship with Samaneh Pakdel: If I want to define Samaneh, I have a lot to say… The most sincere thing I want to say is that if I were the father of a family who had a son, I would definitely force Samaneh I took it for my son because Samaneh is very much a housewife, it happened many times that I was very upset and I called Samaneh at 4 in the morning.


Samaneh soon followed me and we went to Imamzadeh Saleh (AS) in Tajrish Square and there we cried and cried together until we could and returned home.


Samaneh and I are not blood, but we are empathetic. Samaneh is the only collaboration that I was able to trust him during this period of activity, to tell him the unspoken secrets of my life, and I am sure that only Samaneh and I know this secret. The secret I tell Samaneh, I am sure, even if we break up, I do not hear from another language.


I can try to be a happy person and gather happy people around me and Samaneh is one of the best happy people. Because of the blows I suffered in life, I decided not to take things too seriously and to see people in a fantasy way, and Samaneh is a beautiful bride from my fantasy point of view.


I see a lot of Samaneh as white, not even ashes, only white. Sometimes I feel like an older brother to him. I have a certain zeal for Samaneh.


There is no greater pleasure than eating!

Biography of Sahar Qureshi says that I am on a diet and I have an obesity gene from my parents. I am 170 cm tall and I weigh 58 kg, but I am very careful about my weight. There was a time when I exercised a lot, but now I do not have time and I just go on a diet and cry. I cry a lot after eating a lot, as if there is no pleasure in the world higher than eating.


I love food very much; When I’m full, I’m depressed and crying; So I had to get advice.


I told the doctor I could not control my appetite, I was not eating at all while we were filming. It was a period when I was crying until I saw the food, why did you put this food in front of me? I would see the cooked chicken and I would say why did you cook the baby…?

The doctor talked to me so much and used methods that I got better. I went on a strict diet and the counseling I went on reduced it. To cure these conditions, I enlarged the food container and reduced the amount of food and accepted that I am the Ashraf of creatures; I have to eat everything and not feel sorry for the chickens and sheep.


Sahar Qureshi’s opinion about cosmetic surgery

I did not inject gel into my cheeks. Lying is an insult to the audience’s conscience, and I show you my childhood photo to prove I did not act. In my opinion, in our time, faces are all the same shape, and this is not good at all. Lips, noses and eyebrows are all the same shape.


God created people differently and this is beautiful; Not at a party, clothes that are all the same in fashion, noses all small and high, lips that are all gelled, eyebrows tattooed, and این Is this artificial beauty worth it?

A girl who does these things at the age of 20 is no longer gentle, and what does she want to do when she turns 40? We should enjoy the tenderness of youth and leave these surgeries for when our beauty diminishes and may overshadow our self-confidence.


Learn more Sahar Qureshi family secrets

I must say that not only the view of the family members, but also the view of everyone towards me has changed and their expectations from me have been very high; Even in the choice of roles and works that I play, they criticize me a lot, and because they know my true personality, they really criticize me when a marginal news is published about me, whether in work or outside;

For example, why did you play a movie that has this negative feedback and is marginalized for you, and of course they encourage good deeds, but they talk more about bad ones.


Today, when I go out with my family, my mother is more concerned with the interests and reactions of ordinary people, but sometimes she gets very upset and tired; For example, when we go to a restaurant for dinner, my family gets upset so much that I get up to take pictures with people or say hello to them;

That’s why they usually don’t go out with me much or, for example, I can’t go to my relatives’ house much and I usually communicate with them by phone. This issue has been resolved for my family, but still for my aunt, uncle and uncle. . . There is a question.


Do not attend family events!

Unfortunately, some time ago it was my cousin’s wedding and I could not go to it. In these types of gatherings, I always come in plain clothes, but with all these interpretations, they still take photos, and it is enough for this photo to be published in cyberspace, which causes me a lot of problems.

That’s why I prefer not to participate so that I don’t have any problems. My family understands this, but some relatives are not satisfied with all the explanations given to them by themselves and my family.


Unfortunately, some people in our society have a negative and pessimistic view of the artist; That we are very rich and do not have a healthy life! I went on Hajj with some friends and there I was insulted by some of my compatriots.

We, like everyone else in this community, work hard for the money we receive. Some very easily allow themselves to make the worst gossip and slander in cyberspace. When these friends are in our situation, I am sure that they will not be able to endure one day, for example, it is good to hear Dahl singing from afar. . . Biography of Sahar Qureshi


Family of artist Sahar Qureshi

My maternal family are all artists. My grandmothers were painters, my mother’s aunt is a very professional painter, my mother is a painter and in addition she makes very professional handicrafts, my uncles are very artistic calligraphers and Sepehr also has a hand in painting.

As I said, Sepehr is not very interested in acting and is more interested in music. I like to look at music professionally and I definitely support him.


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