Sara Bayat’s new brigade with Mohammad Reza Golzar + photo

Sarah Bayat The actress of cinema and television was born in Tehran on October 5, 1979. Sara Bayat entered the theater in 2001 and won the Best Actress award with an honorary diploma in her first work at the Police Festival. After receiving her acting degree from Karnameh Institute, Sara Bayat was invited to a group full of eagles.


A Fist Full of Eagles was the name of a TV series that aired on the Se Sima network in February 2007.

In 2006, he entered the field of cinema by acting in the movie Imitating the Devil, directed and produced by Afshin Sadeghi.

Synopsis: A criminal named Jamshid Seif, who carefully and patiently prepares photos and documents of his subjects, threatens them to cooperate and help them in carrying out his evil deeds by threatening to reveal the documents in question. The business manager of a company is his last subject.

In 2010, Sara Bayat won the Diploma of Honor for Best Supporting Actress at the 29th Fajr Film Festival and the Silver Bear for Best Actress jointly with Leila Hatami and Sarina Farhadi at the Berlin Film Festival for her brilliant performance in the film Rare Separation from Simin. . Rare Separation from Simin is a drama film directed, written and produced by Asghar Farhadi.

The film has won a total of more than 51 international awards, including several awards from the 29th Fajr Film Festival, as well as prestigious international awards such as the Academy Award for Best Non-English Language Film, the Golden Globe and the Golden Bear from the festival. The Berlin film is noteworthy. The critical acclaim for the rare separation from Simin is to the extent that some have called it one of the top 11 films of 2111; However, it has been criticized.

Filmography of Sara Bayat

Sara Bayat Cinemas

  1. 1397 Rahman 1400 Manouchehr Hadi
  2. 1397 Amir Hossein Torabi Labyrinth
  3. 1396 The Dark Room of Allah Hejazi
  4. 1395 Yellow Mostafa Taghizadeh
  5. 2016 Twenty-one days later, Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan arrived
  6. 1395 Labim Mohammad Parvizi
  7. 1394 We do not accept Ebrahim Ebrahimian
  8. 1393 محمد رسول الله مجید مجیدی
  9. 1393 Nahid Aida Refugee
  10. 1393 Long farewell to Farzad Mo’tamen
  11. 2013 Sleepers Fereydoun Jirani
  12. 1392 Resident of the middle floor of Shahab Hosseini
  13. 2013 The Forgetfulness Season of Fariba Abbas Rafie
  14. 1392 Lamp 100 Saeed Agakhani
  15. 2010 Rare separation from Simin Asghar Farhadi
  16. 1385 Imitation of Satanafshin Sadeghi

Sara Bayat serials

  1. 2007 A handful of Asghar Hashemi eagles
  2. Innocents (TV series) Ahmad Amini

Sara Bayat Home Show

Romantic 2016 (Home Show Collection) Manouchehr Hadi

Sara Bayat Movie Traps

  1. Lady
  2. Death of a poet
  3. Green string
  4. Autumn song
  5. Night shift