Sarah and Nika’s ugly joke together became controversial in live + movie

Sarah and Nika jokes and Sarah’s upset in cyberspace

Sarah and Nika's ugly joke together became controversial in live + movie

Sarah and Nika They were born on August 29, 2004. Sara and Nika were born in Tehran. Sara and Nika live in Sweden. Sara and Nika The two actress sisters were less than a year old when they entered the field of art and became famous with the series Capital. Sara and Nika now live in Sweden, Nika is one minute older than Sara.

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Sarah and Nika joke together live that had a lot of feedback in cyberspace:

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personal life

Sara and Nika Forghani Asl are 16-year-old Iranian actors born in Tehran. The Forghani Asl family is currently living in Sweden.

Nasrin Jalili is the mother of Sara and Nika, the employee, and the father of Sara and Nika was a football player. .


The two sisters are in high school. They study hard to attend the series and take exams earlier than other students.


The two artists have never been married and are single.


The Forghani Asl family left for Sweden after the end of the second season in the capital in 2013 to study the twins, so that these children could continue their education there. They came to Iran with their uncle to play in Capital 4 and accompanied their grandparents in Mazandaran during the filming.


“At the moment, we do not want the children to become actors because they are at a stage where they have to study and playing in the Capital series is enough for them,” says the father of the twins.

Mother of twin sisters: Honestly, Ms. Ghafouri (producer) and Mr. Moghadam, we agreed to bring Sara and Nika to Iran to play every year when the Capital series is made.

Artistic activity

Start of activity

In 2005, when they were only 8 months old, they were introduced to the movie “Life Again” directed by Nader Moqaddas, and with this film, they went in front of the camera for the first time.

Arrival in the capital

In 2011, these 7-year-old twins were introduced to Sirus Moghaddam through Rasoul Hatami, who was looking for twins for his new job.

Thus, their presence was confirmed after passing the test of Borzoo Niknejad (screenwriter), and these sisters were able to enter the TV scene for the first time with the Capital series.

the fame

The fame of these twins started little by little from the second season and especially the third season in Nowruz 1393, and now they are famous in the role of Sara and Nikki, the children of ordinary Nagy. They are present in all six seasons of this series.

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