Sardar Soleimani’s sacrifices will be recorded in history / We moved the country’s sports wheel despite the corona

According to Borna; Dr. Masoud Soltanifar, Minister of Sports and Youth, stated at the unveiling ceremony of the statue of 5 of the proud sports heroes of the country: We are in the days of Fatimids and these days coincide with the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemeh’s beloved son, Sardar Rashid Islam Haj Qasem Soleimani, and the memory of his bravery will be recorded in the history of the country and Islam, and his memories, heroism and self-sacrifice will always remain in the nation. Stayed.

He continued: After several decades that many people wanted to achieve this and for some reason it came to fruition, the Sports Museum has been realized for two years and it will be stronger every day. “One of the complementary moves of the museum is the preparation of statues of heroes so that future generations will know who wrote the history of sports, created pride and caused national pride, and the national anthem was played with their bravery.”

The Minister of Sports and Youth said: While the corona virus has restricted and shut down sports activities in various countries, in our country we have moved the country’s sports wheel by following the protocols, and apart from conferences, most leagues are being held. Football, basketball, volleyball, handball and wrestling leagues are being held, and wushu and karate leagues are starting. By following the protocols, we will continue this process and through the media, we will develop public sports and sports at home and at work, in order to take another path in order to maintain the health of the people.