Saudi’s strange request from the court for humiliation

According to reports EconomyNews According to the London edition, the Saudi Attorney General has requested a maximum prison term of up to 20 years.

“My sister should be released as soon as possible and praised as a hero,” Legin’s younger sister was quoted as saying by The Independent, quoting Lina.

He added: “But instead of appreciating and praising him, he is imprisoned and tortured.” During his two years in prison, he was tortured, assaulted, and held in solitary confinement, on a hunger strike.

“My sister’s only crime is that she has demanded respect for women and freedom, and that is why the Saudi government has demanded a maximum prison term of 20 years,” she said.

“Such a demand is a sign of excessive violence by Saudi officials,” said Hebeh Murayev, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa director.

Lucy Ray, a spokeswoman for the human rights charity Grant Liberty, also said that a regime that views women’s activities as terrorism has failed miserably. He said: “This trial is formal and the continuation of the sludge detention is a stigma on the international conscience.”

Lajin al-Hazloul is one of the most important women’s rights activists and human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia, who was arrested and imprisoned in May 2018 on charges of spying for other countries as part of a demonstration of bin Salman’s recent power and a new wave of arrests.

Lejin al-Hazloul was tried in the Ordinary Criminal Court in March 2019, but Saudi officials referred his case to the Special Court for Terrorist Crimes, which deals with the trial of prisoners of conscience and human rights activists.

Justice for Human Rights had previously revealed that bin Salman’s adviser, Saud al-Qahtani, had been seen several times in the torture chambers of women prisoners, and that one of them, possibly Lajin al-Hazloul, had been threatened with his body. Melts and pours into the bathroom.