Say goodbye to losing weight with these few ways

One of the most annoying things about beauty Facial slimming In this article, you will get acquainted with the cause and all the excellent methods for “facial slimming treatment”.Facial slimming These are problems that few have not experienced. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves Facial slimming We face. It is enough to resume heavy sports exercises to lose the charm and beauty of our face in the shortest possible time. Facial weight loss is one of the most common problems that most men and women around the world face and try to treat.

Factors affecting facial slimming:

Loss of collagen: Loss of collagen in the tissues under the skin is part of the natural aging process of the face. Collagen keeps our skin fleshy and fresh as long as we are young, but as we begin our 30s, the collagen in our skin gradually begins to decline.

Excessive weight loss: Weight loss may be a factor in keeping your body and limbs in good shape, but it also makes your face look older.

Weight fluctuation (UU effect): Your face is constantly contracting and expanding due to frequent fluctuations in body weight, but eventually the work reaches a point where the facial skin does not lose due to collagen loss and flexibility. It can shrink and tighten like before.

Stress, illness and depression: There is no doubt about the adverse effects of stress and strain on the facial skin. Research has shown that these factors can increase the rate of facial slimming.

Treat facial slimming by drinking water

Drinking enough water throughout the day helps to supply interstitial water to skin cells and makes the face look fatter. Most doctors and specialists recommend drinking about 7 or 8 glasses of water a day, which is essential for the health of the body. If the water needed by the body is provided, you will see the muscles become full and also the face becomes fat.

Starch for facial fat

Baked and fried potatoes contain a lot of starch, which in many cases has been effective for localized facial fat. Note that other starchy foods such as pasta will make all parts of the body fat.

Facial obesity with cucumber and rose potion

Topical and oral use of cucumber due to the texture of this fruit causes better hydration of the face, especially if you use this fruit topically and as a mask. To do this, grate the cucumber and mix it with a little rose water and put it on your face for twenty minutes. After two weeks, you will see the conclusion and change in the shape of the face.

Chickpea juice and a mixture of almonds, sugar and chickpeas

Applying chickpea juice to the skin of the face is not ineffective in treating it. You can also grind and consume some chickpeas, almonds and powdered sugar.

Do not forget wheat germ salad and lettuce salad

The inclusion of lettuce salad and wheat germ in meals, especially dinner, has a great effect on increasing the vitality and freshness of the face and filling it and making it look fat. Wheat germ due to having vitamin E and B group vitamins can have a great effect on hydration and increase interstitial water. In addition to preparing wheat germ salad mentioned in the salad section, you can use the powder prepared from wheat germ with yogurt. Combine and eat 2 tablespoons after a meal. Note that consuming more wheat germ powder and yogurt after a meal can help obesity in other parts of the body, so if you just want to make your face fat, do not consume more than 2 tablespoons of wheat germ.

Obesity with the help of fruits and vegetables

Continuous and proper use of fruits and vegetables, in addition to providing the fiber needed by the body, will help to better hydrate the facial skin, and as a result, after a short time, you will see your face become fatter and more beautiful. Carrots are among the low-calorie and hydrating vegetables that it is recommended to use carrots as a snack instead of eating snacks and sweets that are extremely harmful to the facial skin.

Get help from the Chinese to make your face fat

If you want to use a very fast way to fill your face, we suggest you consult an acupuncturist. Acupuncturists use fine acupuncture needles to improve facial blood flow and produce more collagen.

This method also helps to increase and produce collagen in the skin by increasing blood flow to the face and strengthens the facial muscles and makes them well-shaped. With the help of acupuncture, you can have a full and beautiful face in a short time and less than a month.

Facial slimming treatment with clay mask

Using a clay mask refreshes the skin. Clay has hydrating properties and therefore causes the problem of facial slimming to be treated. To prepare the mask, mix a tablespoon of sifted clay with a tablespoon of rose jam and put the resulting paste on the skin for 15 minutes, then wash your face with cold water and watch the effects of this mask.

Lettuce salad and wheat germ for facial obesity

Putting lettuce salad and wheat germ in the meal, especially dinner, refreshes the face and also fills the cheeks and other parts of the face. You can also use two tablespoons of a combination of wheat germ powder with yogurt after dinner, which will eliminate facial slimming. Note that over-consumption of wheat germ also causes obesity in other parts of the body.

Facial massage for slimming treatment

Basic facial massage is one of the useful and useful techniques to make the face fatter. This massage is done in two stages during the day. To do this, sit on a chair and focus. Squeeze the lips and hold for 5 seconds, then try to smile without opening the lips and so that the teeth are not visible, and make the smile line as high as possible. Hold the lips in this position for 5 seconds and repeat this movement 15 times. This will increase the blood flow to the face and as a result, the face will be fatter and more beautiful.

Eat fish to lose weight

Fish has omega-3 and is good for facial obesity, you can also use tuna. Other foods that are recommended to fill the face are potatoes with eggs. Of course, by consuming these two nutrients, it is better to have exercise.

Nuts are the best ingredient for fattening the face

Nuts are the best ingredient for fattening the face as long as they are raw and without salt. Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, cashews and legumes are high in protein, which can cause obesity.

Highlight the cheeks by moisturizing them

If fatter cheeks are what you want, keep your cheeks or skin moist. You can use gentle creams or lotions to keep your cheeks moisturized after cleansing. Using natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil can also greatly increase the moisture of your cheeks.

Facial slimming treatment with exercise

Facial exercise is one of the best ways to volume and shape the face without the need for surgery. This not only increases blood flow and improves blood circulation in the facial area, but also rejuvenates the facial skin and prevents premature wrinkles.

Lip and cheek exercises to treat facial slimming

To have a plump face, you have to start with the lips. Naturally, the lips are the most muscular part of the face, so by exercising them, the muscular volume of the face will increase and the face will become fatter.

A simple exercise that you can do for this purpose is to insert one of the fingers into the mouth and press the finger with the lips, and then lick your finger with full force for 5 seconds. Release the finger and move again. Repeat this exercise 15 times. This strengthens the lip muscles and increases blood flow to the area and makes the face look firmer and fuller.

Another exercise is to gather the lips as much as possible and make them bud, then transform the lips into a smiling state without opening the lips (teeth should not be seen) and in this case smile as much as possible. Zoom in and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this movement for 15 times. You will find that after exercising, the facial muscles are very tired, this is because you have really involved the muscles and worked on them.

The third exercise related to the lip part of the face is really simple. Place the index and middle fingers of the hand on the lips and gently and very gently massage the muscles in a circle. This will stimulate the muscles and increase their volume and make your face fuller.

Sit flat on a chair (back straight) and lift your head up to stretch your neck, then place your lower lip on top of your upper lip and bring your lower lip as close to your nose as possible for 5 seconds. Stay in this state. You will feel a lot of tension in the neck and chin muscles. Repeat this exercise 20 times to get the shape of the area under the chin and neck out of wrinkles and have smooth and beautiful skin in this area.

Obesity of the cheeks with a pinch

Gently grasp the tiny pinch from the top and bottom of your cheek. Small blisters do not cause swelling and damage, but cause the cheeks to blush naturally and appear more shiny.

Obese face with yoga

With simple and gentle yoga exercises, you can stimulate blood flow to the face and cheeks and make your face look younger. Although these methods do not add more fat or skin to your cheeks, but after performing this method, your cheeks will look fatter.

1- Sit up straight and relax your shoulders. Pull your chest out and reduce the pressure on your upper body.

2- Open your mouth a little and close your lips so that your teeth are not visible.

3- Pull the corners of your mouth back a little and pull both of them back to a level and to the molar teeth.

4- Hold the resulting position on your face for 30 seconds. You should feel the muscles in your cheeks and mouth stretch. Gradually let go of the state and return to normal.

Inflate the balloon to increase the volume of the cheeks

Inflating a balloon is one of the most effective tricks to increase cheek muscle mass. All you have to do is inflate a balloon and keep your lips and cheeks inflated for one minute. You should repeat this 5 to 6 times a day.

Facial obesity with bodybuilding

Work on your bodybuilding, of course, with proper nutrition. Like frowning or laughing, contract the facial muscles with all your might with a heavy weight. Over time, your facial muscles will grow and shape like the rest of your body.

Source: May Show