Security officials worry about Trump’s evil thoughts

Security officials worry about Trump's evil thoughts

Senior US government officials are increasingly worried that President Donald Trump will abuse his power to change the outcome of the presidential election.

“Trump spends a lot of time with people who are known for their conspiracy theories and skepticism, and who encourage open abuses of power,” Axius News quoted several senior US officials as saying.

White House officials are concerned about Trump’s willingness to adopt the idea of ​​his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, to impose martial law, deploy an army, and change the outcome of the presidential election.

“When Trump reposts tweets containing threats to imprison politicians and talk to people with conspiracy theories, it is impossible to say about the end of this,” said a senior official. [ماجرا] “He did not worry.”

At Friday’s meeting with his advisers and aides, Trump asked an Interior Ministry official about the possibility of confiscating the ballot counters, and he replied that the ministry did not have the authority to do so, Axius wrote, citing other sources.

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