Selected telecommunication centers are ready to respond during Nowruz holidays to strengthen and stabilize communication

Engineer Bidkham, while stating this matter, said: with the increase in the volume of communication traffic in the first days of the year and the multiplicity of people using the means of communication, telecommunication service providers in the country should be able to think of appropriate arrangements to meet their subscribers and attract their satisfaction. .

In this regard, referring to the special arrangements of the Telecommunication Company in the headquarters and provinces during the Nowruz holidays, he said: “Optimize and increase traffic capacity in high-traffic areas and be ready for all technical and non-technical areas to maintain network stability and provide desirable services to Customers in all telecommunication areas are one of the most important programs of the telecommunication company these days.

The Director General of Communications and International Affairs of Iran Telecommunication Company, referring to the telecommunication programs to provide quality service to subscribers, said: increasing the telecommunication capacities in the provinces that will have the most passengers, said: By updating and launching BTS sites and new equipment, all We have tried our best not to disrupt the communication of subscribers in the landline and mobile sector.

Mr. Bidkham emphasized that the occurrence of some disorders in the early hours of the new year in the mobile phone sector is normal, but in the field of fixed telephony, given the existing capacities, there will be no problems, he added: in order to achieve maximum customer orientation and provide round-the-clock services To all customers, ready shifts are provided in all selected centers across the country, which, using the measures taken to increase bandwidth and ensure the stability of communications, all communication needs of compatriots in telecommunication areas across the country are fully covered.

Babian said that the various activities of Iran Telecommunication Company are held continuously every year during the Nowruz holidays in order to provide services: “In the mobile field, various arrangements have been made for the stability of the network as well as serving the people.”

General Department of Communications and International Affairs of Iran Telecommunication Company