Semi-finished educational projects in Isfahan need 150 billion tomans of credit

ISNA / Isfahan Director General of School Renovation of Isfahan Province, stating that by the end of the year, 60 educational units in Isfahan Province will be operational, said: to complete these projects, about 150 billion tomans of credit is needed.

Seyyed Mehdi Mirbod, today (Tuesday, January 29) on the sidelines of visiting the projects of the pilgrimage section, told reporters: Since the beginning of this year, over 50 educational projects in Isfahan province have been handed over to the General Directorate of Education and We are trying to bring about 60 more projects to the fraternity for the days of the Fajr decade and the end of the year.

He stated that the credits of the General Directorate of School Renovation of the province have doubled for the year 1999, adding: 150 billion Tomans have been spent for the opening of projects that have been put into operation since the beginning of the year and another 150 billion Tomans for the completion of other projects. We need to spend on projects by the end of the year.

According to ISNA, the director general of school renovation in Isfahan province, referring to the brick-by-brick scan, said: “In December of this year, the first school of this project, which started with the help of small people, was built in Buin and Miandasht.” The national movement “I am my mother, the children of Iran are my children” has already started with the participation of women. We hope that by spreading the good culture of school building among all people, we can help rebuild and build educational spaces with the least help.

Mirbod continued: “The purpose of this scan is to increase awareness and attract women’s participation in the sacred cause of school building, and it has been implemented with the approach of spreading the culture of school building and utilizing the capacity of women and benevolent mothers in the country.” Women and all people, as well as partners on behalf of their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and loved ones can join this movement.

Referring to the visits to the plans of the General Directorate of School Renovation in Ardestan city, he stated that the main goal of the School Renovation Organization is to complete the semi-finished project of the charities: last year, five educational projects were put into operation in the city and this year By the Fajr decade, 4 more projects will be inaugurated. Also, significant credits have been allocated for the acquisition of the city’s assets with the support of the governorate.

Director General of Isfahan School Renovation, stating that one of the problems in the province’s schools is the micro-problems of schools, said: the needs of each city should be categorized and a special program should be designed according to it. Education has different spaces according to its missions, each of which has its own needs.

Mirbod added: the city administrations should introduce the needs of each school to the general administration of renovation according to the existing priorities so that we can direct the funds to solve those problems.

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