Sepahan starts 1400 with the lead; tractor in hibernation

The match between Sepahan and Traktor teams ended with Sepahan winning and the team leading.
According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, the match between Sepahan and Traktor teams in the 18th week of the Premier Football League started at 15:30 in Naghsh Jahan Stadium in Isfahan.

This game ended with a 2-0 victory for Sepahan.

Referees: Payam Heydari

Assistant judges: Hassan Zahiri and Mehdi Alvandi

Yellow card: Mohammad Mohebbi from Sepahan and Akbar Imani and Rasoul Khatibi (head coach) from Traktor

Red card: Akbar Imani from Tractor 60 minutes and Rasoul Khati 4 + 90 minutes

Goals: Sajjad Shahbazzadeh (19) and Yasin Salmani (81)

According to Fars, after the end of Persepolis’ match against Masjed Soleyman Oil, it was thought that Persepolis would be the leader of the league in 1999, but Sepahan became the leader due to more goals than Persepolis. Traktor also remained in fifth place with the same 26 points.