Sexual harassment of 2 evil men under the pretext of virtual friendship + details

The rape of a Tehrani girl by a notorious criminal and her friend in an evil crypt led the aggressors to death.

Sexual harassment of 2 naughty men under the pretext of virtual friendship + details

The investigation of this case began in May 1997, following the complaint of an 18-year-old girl named Priya. She, who had visible scars on her head and face, went to the police with her mother and complained about two evil men.

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The young girl said: Some time ago, I met a young boy named Hami in the telegram who made an appointment with me and wanted to see me. That is why I went to the second block of Tehranpars and saw Hami.

He asked me to go to the cafeteria together but said that he was waiting for his uncle named Erfan to change his shoes. A few minutes later, a 40-year-old man named Erfan, who claimed that his uncle was his uncle, followed us in a car and we got in the car. Hami said that his clothes were not suitable for going to the cafeteria. Go to their house in the first square of Tehranpars and change their clothes.

The girl continued: I was standing in front of the house so that the supporter and his uncle would change their clothes and come. But suddenly the supporter came in and pushed me inside the house. He himself stood in front of the door and prevented me from escaping. At that moment, Erfan came to me and beat me severely.

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Evil rape of a young girl in Tehran

“Mysticism threatened me that if I shouted, a few other friends would invite me to harass me. He raped me regardless of my pleas,” said the fairy, who wept at the recollection of terrifying memories in the evil crypt. . He even wanted to suffocate me. A few minutes later, a supporter came to me and he also harassed me. When I got out of there, I told my mother the story to complain to them. Following the young girl’s remarks, she was referred to forensic medicine, and experts confirmed her brutal rape and assault.

According to the information provided by Priya from the supporter, the young man was tracked down and arrested, but he denied the rape. The defendant confessed during the interrogations and confessed to the black crime.

He said: I have known Erfan, who is several years older than me, for a short time and I am friends with him. The last time I was at my house, he called me and said I should deceive a girl and go to her house. He gave me Priya’s address and threatened to go to my family if I did not do this. I was afraid of mysticism, I listened to him and established a friendly relationship with Priya in the telegram. Under the pretext of going to the dining room, I took the fairy in front of Erfan’s house. Erfan went into the parking lot by car and locked the door with a remote control, and I took the fairy into the house.

The accused continued: Erfan raped the young girl by force and threatening her. Then he came to me with a sword and threatened to kill me. He said that I should also force him to share in his crime.

Following the defendant’s statements, Erfan, 40, who had several criminal records in his case, was tracked down and arrested, and confessed to the black crime.

Police officers searched the evil crypt of the villain and found the stolen fairy property along with the identity card of a young girl named Bahareh. Erfan claimed that he had taken the identity card from the vendors in Shousha Square. But police investigations revealed that he had also trapped Bahareh some time ago.

When Bahareh was informed of Erfan’s arrest, he withdrew his complaint and said that he had no complaints against him, but Priya demanded a severe punishment for him.

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Thus, two evil boys were tried behind closed doors in secret in the Seventh Branch of the Criminal Court of a Tehran province on charges of complicity in the kidnapping, assault and harassment of a young girl.

At the end of the hearing, the judges sentenced Erfan to 8 years in prison for rape, participation in kidnapping, 3 years in prison for theft of the victim’s property, and 74 lashes. Hassan was sentenced to death and sentenced to death. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison

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