Sharp response of a Persepolisian to Farhad Majidi

When the Reds lost to Ulsan, Majidi got a picture of his championship with Al-Ain in 2003 League of Asian champions Published. His post, which was considered sarcastic by the Persepolisians, provoked reactions. Reza Jabbari, the technical midfielder and former Reds player, said in response to Farhad’s post: “He is respected by me. I do not want to name but these events only in Soccer We fall and in the world is an unusual thing. I think it is an unprofessional behavior. I Myths Persepolis I will give an example. Where did Karimi, Abedzadeh and Daei do these things? Who talked about the rival team? In my opinion, one of the main problems of our football is to defeat the others. It is as if we are happy with the defeat of others and sad with their victory. This has caused us to lag behind. We should not be happy about the failure of others. Persepolis game was a national game. When you do not respect the 40 million fans and your respect, it is not interesting and it causes people to react. “In general, I do not like this behavior.”