Sheikh Diabate did not keep his promise to Farhad / Sheikh’s new contact with Majidi

Esteghlal’s foreign striker went on leave about 10 days ago with the permission of the staff to spend a few days in France with his family.

Sheikh Diabate had announced to Farhad Majidi at that time that he would come to Iran at the same time as the start of Esteghlal exercises in the new year and resume his work, but in the latest agreement, Diabate said that he would return to Iran on the 4th of Farvardin.

This is in the context that Esteghlal exercises in the new year will start tomorrow (April 2) after 4 days off, and with the current situation, Diabetes is absent in this exercise and will go to the exercises with a few days delay.

Of course, there is a lot of time left until Esteghlal’s next game in the Premier League against Peykan, and even if Diabate returns to Iran on April 25, he will have a good time to prepare and return to his team on April 4.

Source: Sports 3