Shock to the car market Prices dropped + latest market prices

Saeed Motameni, referring to the decrease in car prices in the market, stated: Due to the closure of car shows, the announced prices are related to the sites. The price trend is still decreasing, so that compared to 20 days ago, the car rate has decreased by 31 to 32%, and this rate decrease continues with the decrease of the exchange rate. Of course, the prices have not reached the rate of 10 September this year yet. The prices announced after September 11 were on paper and in fact there was no buying or selling.

Referring to the daily prices of cars, he said: Peugeot 206 Type 2, which had reached 250 to 260 million Tomans, has been reduced to less than 170 million Tomans. Santa Fe, which was bought and sold for 3.5 billion Tomans, has reached 2.4 billion Tomans.

Motameni added: Among domestic cars, Tiba 110 million, Tiba 2 about 114 million and Pride 131 will be bought and sold at a price of 95 million Tomans.

The chairman of the union of car dealers and exhibitors stated: “Our advice to car buyers is to buy from reputable trade units and see their license.” If you buy a car in this situation without a license plate change, it may have many problems, including having a legal or technical problem or being mortgaged by a company.