Shock to the power of 2; Did Maradona commit suicide?

Dr. Alfredo Cahé, who treated Maradona from 1977 to 2007, believes that the Argentine star deliberately stopped eating or taking medicine after undergoing brain surgery shortly before his death because he underwent some form of surgery. It is from “depression”.

“I do not think this is a simple heart attack,” he said.

Dr. Kahe had previously claimed that Maradona had committed suicide while in Cuba and crashed into a bus in his own car, but had survived.

Kaheh claims that he has already asked Maradona the question “Do you want to kill yourself?” “Maybe one day, maybe,” Maradona replied. “How do I know if this is happening or not?”

According to Kahe, Veronica Ogeda, Diego’s former fiancé and mother of one of his children, told Maradona a few days before his death: Has not done.

Veronica Vajda and Maradona

After learning that Maradona had spent several days before his death and after undergoing brain surgery in one of his bedrooms, Kahe concluded that Diego may have become depressed and stopped taking his medication.

“Diego was tired,” Kahe added. All of this is a consequence of suicide.

The room where Maradona spent a few days before his death

He had previously claimed that the doctors and medical staff under whom Maradona was supervised were careless and inexperienced.

Maradona died of a heart attack on November 25 at the age of 60 at his home.

An initial autopsy showed that his heart attack had caused water to collect in his lungs, which in most cases is a complication after a heart attack.