Shocking details of the 24 billion contract of the national team captain with Sepahan

The captain of our national team, after leaving behind the margins related to the elections of the Football Federation and voting for Mustafa Ajourlou and the attack of Ali Karimi’s fans in cyberspace, finally joined his former team Sepahan Isfahan. Sepahan, unlike all the recent transfers, did not make any noise this winter and did not attract any new players, but their first and last purchase was an attractive purchase and the most important half-season purchase among all clubs.

Haj Sasefi, who decided to leave the team two and a half years after joining Traktor and terminated his contract after reaching an agreement with the owner of Tabrizi Club, negotiated with the managers of Sepahan Club and signed a formal contract for his third appearance in the Isfahan Golden Team. Made official. The captain of the national team reached a final agreement with Sepahan officials in a situation where he had a serious offer from Esteghlal and Golgohar, but according to his expectations and interest in this club and Isfahan, he became Sepahani again.

In this regard, we heard that the Tractor Club asked for all the receipts of the captain of the national team from this Tabrizi team this season, which is said to have been about 7 billion Tomans, in order to issue a permanent consent (due to having a termination clause). Also, the received news indicates that according to Hajsefi’s one-and-a-half year contract with the Isfahani team, Sepahan Club will pay him 7 billion Tomans for the remaining half of the season until the end of the twentieth league. Ehsan Hajosafi will also be paid 10 billion tomans for the 21st league. Which will be a total of 24 billion tomans.

It is said that Sepahan and Muharram Navidkia clubs have also promised the captain’s armband of this proud team to Ehsan to go to half of the world with more enthusiasm. Hajosafi started playing football in 2000 at the Zobahan Academy. Ehsan was in Zobahan until 2006, when he joined another team in Isfahan, Sepahan, at the age of 16. He had a brilliant period with Sepahan until 2015 (except for a one-year period in the tractor as a soldier) and became one of the key members of this team. After these brilliances and successful presence in the national team, Haj Sasefi joined the Legionnaires’ Jirga and joined Sepahan again. Another two-and-a-half-year presence abroad and returning to Iran and playing for Traktor was a continuation of Ehsan’s football career; The route that ended with Sepahan again today after separating from the tractor.

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