Shortage of inputs and kerosene; The problem of cold nomadic days

ISNA / Khuzestan The Director General of Khuzestan Nomadic Affairs stressed the need to provide livestock inputs in the cold season for nomadic livestock.

In an interview with ISNA, Ali Rahim Karimi stated: Livestock inputs are one of the essential needs of nomads in the cold season; The shortage and increase in the price of inputs, which are also domestically produced, is one of the problems of the nomads that we are pursuing to provide.

He added: 12,000 tons of livestock inputs have been distributed among the nomads so far, but considering that the nomads of seven other provinces are present in Khuzestan province and have a total of 1.3 million head of livestock; We need to allocate and transfer livestock input quotas from these seven provinces to Khuzestan to provide them to the nomads.

Karimi stated: Another problem of the nomads is the way of distributing kerosene. Part of this process is done in the form of a system that the distribution and refining company has provided instructions on how to use the easy trading system, but the problems that this system has caused delays and slows down the process of fuel supply.

He added: “However, with the coordination that was done with the oil company, this problem has been solved and the oil needed by the nomads is currently supplied.”

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