Significant health insurance action in the absence of a comprehensive assessment plan

According to Shaman News, quoting Ai Hina; Ali Akbar Karimi said: “The most important problem in the field of insurance funds is the supportive view.”

He added: “Insurance funds all over the world have an economic nature and the formulation of these funds should be such that their financial balance is ultimately positive.”

The representative of the people of Arak in the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: The main problem with the implementation of the comprehensive structure evaluation test plan is that it does not have a coherent structure and popular information.

He added: “The parliament seeks to implement a mechanism for the integration of the national system, so that by creating this national system, comprehensive information and data on the incidence of people will be recorded and recorded so that it can be implemented when needed.”

Karimi said: “Also, the electronic referral system should be logical and it is not necessary to refer to specialized and sub-specialized centers for any minor illness, but this referral system should be observed through the referral system.”