Signing a contract for the construction of the second Opal Parsian iron ore concentrate factory

According to IBNA, quoting the public relations of Parsian Bank, Dr. Kourosh Parvizian is the CEO Bank Parsian at the signing ceremony of the contract, stating that politics Bank Parsian has always been in order to achieve a leap in production, strengthen the resistance economy, support productive activities and sustainable employment, he said: Deprivation And paying attention to areas with less development and progress are priorities Bank It is Persian and this Bank The development of low-income border areas, including Sangan, has always been considered, and investment in this project is made in the same direction.

Engineer Vajihollah Jafari, Chairman of Imidro’s Executive Board, said at the ceremony, which was attended by shareholders, و employers and contractors of the project: Employment and income generation In the Sangan area.

He continued by stating that this project provides the ground for accelerating mining activities and the participation of the private sector: “The implementation of this project is one of the methods that will help guide the society’s liquidity towards productive and productive activities.”

Early start forecast

Masoud Samieinejad, CEO of Parsian Investment Company, also stated: with the implementation of this project, the second factory of Opal Parsian iron ore concentrate with a production capacity of 2.4 million tons will be built. He announced the investment amount of the project as equal to 145 million Euros and said: about 80% of the design of the second factory is similar to the first Opal Parsian factory in Sangan. According to Samieinejad, due to the readiness of the conditions and preparations, part of the project has been done and it is expected to be launched earlier than scheduled. According to the contract, the above plan will be built in 29 months.

The first iron ore concentrate production plant from Sangan mining complex with a production capacity of 2.6 million tons was launched by Imidro in 1992 and two years later to Opal Parsian Company (affiliated to the investment Bank Parsian) was ceded. Now, the second plant with a production capacity of 2.4 million tons, with a 60% investment of Parsian and 40% of Imidro, is on the verge of executive operations.