So far, more than 1,500 nurses in Kermanshah have been diagnosed with corona – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, Mohammad Reza Moradi in the ceremony of honoring the nurses of Kermanshah province, which was held in the presence of Ayatollah Imam Juma and ulema, representative of the Supreme Leader in Kermanshah province, said: Compassion, loyalty, patience, grief and care of the characteristics of Hazrat Zeinab (s) Is manifested in nurses and this naming is rightly and properly deserved.

He added: “Nurses work with their hearts, their efforts are not comparable to their findings and show how selfless these loved ones are and treat the patient with empathy.”

The president of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences said: “Medical work is a team work and all health care workers work together for health, and especially during this period, they had commendable guidance.”

Moradi continued: “In the case of the corona epidemic, people paid more attention to nurses, and we believe that if it were not for the good cooperation of nurses, our medical situation would be different now.”

He added: “Work problems, hard work, delays in receipts, lack of nursing staff in the number of patients compared to the standards are some of the problems of nurses, but we are proud that nurses made up for the shortcomings with this courage.”

Moradi said: “At the beginning of the illness, many nurses and health staff volunteered to enter the wards and created proud scenes.”

The president of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences pointed out: In Kermanshah province, 1,510 nurses have been infected with the corona virus so far, and one third of the 280,000 nurses in the country have been infected with this disease.

He thanked the Supreme Leader of the Revolution for paying attention to nurses and emphasized: “Nurses have been visited and praised by the Supreme Leader many times during this period, and this is the pride of the servants and defenders of health.”

Moradi added: “Nurses risked their lives during this period and apart from that, they also endured the risk of infecting those around them. I apologize to all my colleagues and nurses for their shortcomings and negligence, and we hope that they will reach the position they deserve.”