Social networks, the new platform of stock market activity

The next important issue in this tool and space is how to present information to the audience; Providing information in cyberspace and virtual networks is generally in the form of headlines, keywords, abstracts and summaries of key content that can lead to negative results, especially for new shareholders. This tool, like any other tool for achieving a positive or negative result, depends to a large extent on the level of awareness and knowledge of the user.

Another important issue is the performance of regulatory bodies and educational institutions in this space. Given the high share of social networks and the high impact of cyberspace, ensuring the provision of accurate information to people and investors, as well as providing educational information to improve the level of knowledge, information and culture of equity is very important. Providing accurate information in this regard can greatly improve the position of cyberspace among traders.

The next important point includes investors and users of this cyberspace who must seek to improve their knowledge and increase the level of analysis in the capital market in order to make the most of the available information and resources. In such a way that they can make the right decisions to buy and sell a share with the right diagnosis. Finally, it should be noted that cyberspace and social networks, like any other tool and platform, can have many positive and negative points, which are largely highly dependent on users. In this regard, it should be emphasized that providing shallow and superficial information from the context of such an atmosphere causes distance between people and the public. Investors From the capital market. This postpones in-depth studies and necessary and correct training for investors and is known as one of the negative points of this issue. Although we see the ease of access to information through cyberspace and justice in providing a wide range of information to the general public, but sometimes this information does not have the correct and analytical support and mislead investors as much as possible. Will have.