Special for Gokoshar shareholders (January 29) / 30% growth in three days

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Economy‌Online _ Seyedeh Zeinab Razmgir; At the end of OTC trading today, the shares of Parsian Kosar Hotel in Isfahan fell 2.5% and became one of the most traded symbols.

The shares of Parsian Kosar Hotel in Isfahan were traded at 5,700 Rials in its last transactions, which is one percent less than yesterday. Also, 484 million shares were transferred in the hands of traders and ended its work with a final price of 5,786 Rials.

Today, the value of “Gokoshar” transactions reached 280 billion Tomans. 95% of the sellers were real and 5% of them were legal. Most of the buyers of this share were real people.

It is worth mentioning that this symbol has witnessed a 30% growth after its reopening on January 28th. Gokusar traded in balance today.